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Lovely Hula Hands

No description

Ellie Depre

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of Lovely Hula Hands

Lovely Hula Hands
Summary: On Being Hawaiian
Familial relationship to the land - "Aloha 'aina", care & love of the land
1900: language ban - schools, governing, official transactions
Respect for women & sexuality damaged by organized religion
"Hawai'i, like a lovely woman, is there for the taking" (10).

Natives : Prostitutes :: Government : Pimp

Unemployment, military, industry, or exodus

Complicity in exploitation - cultural maintenance or financial distress?

"We are colonized to the extent that we are unaware of our oppression" (12).
Summary: On Tourism
Tourists : Residents = 6:1
Tourists : Natives = 30:1
"Near Homeless" Population ~ 1/5
Groundwater - Reduced streams, wildlife endangerment, increased Na & Cl, Abandonment (Honolulu/O'ahu)
Analysis: On Cultural Prostitution
Land = Real Estate
Shorelines/Fisheries = Sunbathing/Resort Property
Environmental degradation, land dispossession, low wages, highest COL in US
Hula: From "powerfully erotic" to "smut" (10).
So What?
"A prostitute is only as good as her income-producing talents" (10).
Functionality: from Native values/practices to avenues for profit
Loss of sacredness
Language becomes meaningless out of cultural context
Summary: On "Prostitution"
"Entire institution that defines a woman (& by extension the female) as an object of degraded & victimized sexual value for use & exchange through the medium of money" (140).
Familial relationships
Corporate Tourism & the Prostitution of Hawaiian Culture
Why Hula Hands?
Epistemological Standpoint (or lack thereof)
Less interpretation, more acceptance
Food for Thought...
How did you feel about the author's closing disdain for tourism? Would you still consider visiting Hawaii? Explain.

Someone who is "complicitous in her own commodification" (10) only contributes to her own cultural exploitation. Do you agree or disagree? Why?

"I ka 'olelo ke ola; i ka 'olelo ka make": what was your reaction to learning about the language ban in 1900? How do you think this would go over today?
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