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Copy of Meet the FANBOYS : )

A presentation to introduce students to coordinating conjunctions.

Mina Park

on 17 July 2011

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Transcript of Copy of Meet the FANBOYS : )

You are about to meet some of the biggest stars in the English language! The FANBOYS! "센스있는 중매쟁이" Students were getting "clause errror" messages,
yet they kept writing sentences with clause errors. 3. Nor (1)부정문, nor 동사 + 주어 I knew I had to correct it, or the problem would continue. "so," "for," and "nor" can only conjoin full clauses. For And Nor But Or Yet So Remember conjunctions join.
That's what they do.
They take sentences that seem choppy,
and make them flow. "접속사"의 역할

-단어와 단어, 구와 구, 절과 절 등을 '연결' Today's Learning Aim Chapter 9. 접속사 - with your E.T. Mina Park 1. 각각의 등위접속사의 의미를 이해한다.
2. 등위접속사와 종속접속사의 차이를 말할 수 있다. 2.and: 'A 그리고 B' Your problem and mind are similar. ' 명령문, and 주어 + 동사' ex) Go straight on, and you will come to the river. (~해라, 그러면 ...할 것이다) 1. for : '왜냐하면" ex) I don't drink coffee.
It keeps me awake at night. drink coffee keeps me awake ex) I don't drink coffee, ( ) it keeps me awake at night. (~도 또한 ...하지 않다) ex) Man cannot live by bread alone,
nor can he live without bread.
(인간은 빵만으로도 살 수 없고,
또한 빵 없이도 살 수 없다) (2) 긍정문, nor 동사 + 주어 (그리고, ~도 않다) ex) My first lover is so happy, nor am I concerned about her. 4. but:
반대, 대조되는 단어, 구, 절을 연결. ex) Mary went out, but I stayed at home. 5. or: (1)' A 혹은 B' (2)명령문, or 주어 + 동사
(~해라, 그렇지 않으면 ...할 것이다) ex) Hurry up, or you'll be late. 6. Yet : but 보다 더 강한 역접의 의미 7. so : '그래서, 그러므로',
앞의 내용에 대한 결과를 나타내는 절을 연결 ex) I was ill, so I didn't go out. Please Note! "종속 접속사"

(1) 명사절을 이끄는 종속 접속사
(2) 시간의 부사절을 이끄는 종속 접속사
(3) 이유, 목적, 결과의 부사절을 이끄는 종속 접속사 " 등위접속사" - 대등한 연결
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