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By Sam Mazzone

Mrs. Waggoner

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Pyramids

Pyramids By Sam Mazzone Building a Pyramid Building a pyramid is not like in the olden days when a pharaoh said "Oh! I want a pyramid so do it," No! It was a difficult challenge. Back then, people thought the pharaoh was a son of god, who was Ra. The pharaoh was thought of as partly human. The egyptians thought he deserved to go to the after life. The way for pharaohs
to go to the after life Slavery Slavery was a challenging, tough job. If you were a slave, you would drag huge limestone. They would even have to drag it up a huge ramp to the place that it would have to go on the pyramid. Most of the pieces were 2 TONS! Would you want to be a slave? Transportation Why make the slaves drag everything that the pyramid needed to be complete? That's what the egyptians thought. They can just use the Nile river to bring stones. It saves time and human energy. The ships were built with timber. Donkeys also carried small stuff too. The King/Pharaoh People thought the king was very special. He was known as the god on earth. When their was a new king, a new pyramid was built. The pyramid was made for the pharaoh to go to the after world or heaven. The pharaoh was known as the god on earth. The Structure of a Pyramid The structure of a pyramid is so key. You need
to be exact for the pharaoh to like it. Most of the pyramids are large, have a square base, has 4
smooth triangular sides and have a point at the top. Rember, not all pyramids have all those details. -Most of the pyramid ruins are along the Nile River -Not all pyramids are made in Egypt and they aren't always made for the pharaoh. The End!
Or is it?
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