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Building a safer community

No description

Alicia Chau

on 11 March 2018

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Transcript of Building a safer community

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Sound of a Gunshot
Sally's first reaction is...
1. Fear
2. Help

Call for help
One button
Simple to access
Immediately calls 911

Create the Connection
Stay In the Loop~
No questions
No one left out
What's going on???

Building a safer community
Who are my life lines?
Immediately triggers:
Emergency call - 911
SOS to all lifeline contacts
Does someone have their house key?
Share last words
In your last moments
Real time continuous communication

Recorded and Transcribed of the situation
Be with the people who matter most
Have no regrets
Who can get there fastest?
Does the patient have any allergies to iodine?
Which room does >>> live in?
Are you conscious?
I know her favorite running route!
Call for help
One button
Simple to access
Immediately calls Lifelines

Sally's Emergency Contact List
Loved ones receive
GPS location
immediately generate
Technical Breakdown
Eric Eisenberg, Thomas Harden, Jesse Wu, Will Guyterla, Alicia Chau
In your time of need
You shouldn't have to choose who to call,
We make the calls for you
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