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Ancient Greece Debate

No description

Bea Kim

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Ancient Greece Debate

During the 800s and 700s BCE, a number of independent city-states were formed by Greeks.

Two of the greatest city-states in Greece were Sparta and Athens.
Democratic government
Public speaking skill
Great inventions (architectures, temples, sailing)
Capilism- Where everyone makes as much money

Military System (age 7-60)
Technology of weapons
Consolidated the army in case of war.

Political System
Ancient Greece is the first Country to have had the democratic government.

Especially Athens listened to the suggestions from citizens for progress to make in politics, economic, society, and in laws.
Farming in Ancient Greece
Ancient Greece 4 different types of climate: dry mediterranean, humid mediterranean, continental mediterranean and alpine mediterranean.

Only a small portion of land provided for growing crops at any given time.

Many Greeks were creative with their use of land, and they experimented "terracing".

Most farmers specialized in crops that required little land; grapes or olives.
Ancient Greece

Thank you
Sophia Lee, Katie, Bea, David. E, Hwajin
Location & Geography
Greece is located in the far southeast of the European continent.

Greece's geography is defined by a series of mountains, which helped their from invading tribes.

Time period
There are no fixed or universally agreed upon dates for the beginning or the end of the Ancient Greek period.

We assume Ancient Greek civilization began 700 BC and ended in 146 BC.
Greek communities relied on trade with different city-states within Greece, Greek colonies, and foreign countries around mediterranean region.

Olive oil, honey, cheese, pottery, and wine.
White "Ancient Greece" Debate
Universe and Astronomy

A lot of play writers today are influenced by plays and writers of Ancient Greece.

Invented coiled money, thermometer, tumbler lock, telephone.
Philosophy, Theatre, Art, Architecture, Math, Science, Olympics, Inventions
Many Greeks struggled to condition the useful farmland on

A solution was to make a colonies, settlement in distant places, that would grow food, and send back to the mainland.
Religion and Belief system
The colonists had to get permission from the gods to protect them on their journey.

While earliet civilizations conceived of gods as unreal monsters, the Greeks accepted the gods in their own image, only more powerful, and immortal.

They invented myths about gods to explain the phenomenon around them.
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