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Ahmad Surdji

No description

Phil Wlasichuk

on 6 February 2013

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Transcript of Ahmad Surdji

Serial Killer Criminal Profile Ahmad Suradji Early Childhood Fin. Kill Count: 42 women Crimes: Visionary with a hint of Gain Killer The Profile: Executed Conclusion For more information on Ahmad Suradji, watch the video "The Sorcerer From Hell" His father died when Ahmad was in his young adulthood Ahmad's father was a revered cattle breeder in Indonesia BUT.. Ahmad always followed his dad around and looked up to him (No Information on school or early information in early times) Something MUST have snapped.. Ahmad would kill at his sugar cane plantation Women came up to him asking for promises of beauty and riches He would bury his victim in a hole up to her neck in his farm and would point their head to his house Next, he would strangle the victim to their death Once the victim is dead, Ahmad would drink their saliva to fulfill his prophecy in his dream How did Ahmad Suradji Kill? He would take their money for his "service" of performing a ritual for wealth or beauty Now the fun comes in.. mmm... What was his dream you may ask? Ahmad claimed to be told by his fathers ghost that by killing 72 women and drinking their saliva, he would turn into a real "mystical healer" (Visionary)- Hears voices that instruct Ahmad to kill. (His fathers ghost) (Gain)- He would steal the womens purses and take all their money. Organized Disorganzied Ahmad would kill at his farm, away from his house and in a strategical location Born January 10th, 1949 Died July 10th, 2008 (Was 57 years old) Authorities were suspicious of all the missing people and traces lead them to Ahmad. Once the authorities sought out Ahmad's farm, he was caught. One of Ahmads three wives was his accomplice.
Her name was Tumini and she 'sincerely' thought he was going to be a healer. There was a 363 page charge list against him Criminal Timeline 1997 Ahmad ended his killings Ahmad was arrested on May 2nd 1998 2008 1986 Ahmad started his killings and Ahmad was found guilty on court trial Executed by a firing squad on July 10th *Between ages 11-30*
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