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NXT EV3 Maze Solver

No description

James Alexander

on 2 May 2014

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Transcript of NXT EV3 Maze Solver

NXT Mindstorm EV3 software
NXT Mindstorm EV3 Brick
2 NXT Mindstorm EV3 Motors
NXT Mindstorm EV3 Infrared sensor
NXT Mindstorm EV3 Touch sensor
Lego Pieces
Card board boxes
Duck Tape

Successfully Complete a maze traveling the least distance as possible
Thank You
*We introduced the robot to the maze three times with each program, and timed it to compare each of the two designs performance.

*The walls of the maze were reinforced at intersections to offer enough resistance to trip the touch sensor.

NXT EV3 Maze Solver
ur original plan was to create a mobile application to directly control the NXT EV3
Our New Goal
This Original plan was changed because Google's AppInventor Software was not able to perform this task.

develop an autonomous program for the NXT ev3 robot in order to have it find it way through a maze.

Layout of Original App
For the given simulation the random algorithm
had a shorter average distance
The random simulation resulted in a wider variety of outcomes including not completing the maze.
The right wall is consistent in completing the maze.

Individiual Contributions
Jacob: Construction of Robot, Simulation
James: Program Robot
Ben: Construction of maze, Simulation
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