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Presenting Ideas... across different media

No description

Conny Liegl

on 5 November 2013

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Transcript of Presenting Ideas... across different media

Web Redesign
User Survey
Marketing Posters
Digital Commons
Meeting Prep
Write up Guidelines
Design Sketches
To Do!
Presenting Ideas
across different media
Cool tools that can make your life easier and your presentations better
The content MUST rule over the design!
What resolution the device has
(number of pixels that display can display)
Presentation in
Communications Class
April 22, 2013

Shopping List
Dog Food
Make sure YOU know what you want to explain
Prezi, Powerpoint and Co.
Web Design
Print Media
Get to the point. Then stop.
Use plain English.
Express one thought at a time.
Let the facts speak for themselves.
Use short words and phrases.
Never use a long word when a short one will do.
If it's possible to cut out a word, cut it out. *
Break it down!
Pictures! Videos!
* http://www.kerryr.net/webwriting/content_clarity-brevity.htm
Viewable Area
of Web Page
Important Stuff
What we don't know
about users
What we know
about users
Websites have to be accessible and usable for all visitors.
User preferences for font size, colors, etc.
...not much at all!
Site layout has to adapt to all
display technologies, and any resolution
What you design is what you get!
You know your audience
People actually
read your stuff!
Be an expert!

Know who you quote and why

Reference back to original sources

Use Creative Commons-content (and avoid dealing with copyright)
Figure out what's really important

Make lists
(Top ten of research paper)

Talk to others
(offline & online)
Draft your presentations

Who is your audience?!

How much time do you have?
Decide for the best medium, and software

Put it all together
Tell a STORY!


Make it FUN!!!
Show your presentation to others

Test it before you go "live"

Be confident, you know more about the topic than anybody else
To Do
poor little
What kind of display they use
(PC monitor, laptop, television, mobile phone, tablet, ...)
Orientation of display
(landscape, portrait)


"OMG, look at all the colors and fonts and images and videos and animations!"
...before you go to the presentation room, try to test your slideshow to avoid any technical difficulties
Be sure to master the software, ask someone for help!

Be aware that Prezis might be difficult to print. Prepare PDF version!

Supporting handouts, summarize your presentation highlights
Get to
Full transcript