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The MWF Roadmap 2012-2013 (final)

MWF continues to evolve and takes on Responsive Design

Rose Rocchio

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of The MWF Roadmap 2012-2013 (final)

MWF Roadmap Fall 2012 Spring 2013 MWF Roadmap 2012-13 Mobile Web Framework Now
Mobile Web Framework

Fall 2012
Opt Pilot Launch
Ohmage-MWF Pilot(s) Launch
App Store Proof-of-Concept
MWF WebBlocks Responsive Toolkit

Spring & Summer 2013
Authenticated Opt
App Store Environment
Ohmage-MWF phase II Now... Opt Pilot Ohmage-MWF MWF WebBlocks Launch mid-September
Available upon request
UCLA Faculty & Staff
LTI integration mid-fall October 1st: Android & iOS launch
UCLAHealth Activity Breaks Pilot
Blackberry version mid Fall
Windows version mid Fall
Available to the Mobilize Project
Plans for mHealth Pilots Alot going on.... OPT with Authorization IMS LTI 2.0 +
Social Media Ties Web App Sharing Environment Proof of concept November 2012
Beta release in Spring 2013 Ohmage-MWF next steps Ohmage-MWF: Web version
GUI tool for Study Authoring
Generic Dashboard Tools
Single Study branded apps
Deployed with Enterprise Update controls
More sophisticated branching Further Down the Road
Texting integration
Artificial Intelligence in prompts MWF 1.3 (April 15, 2012) MWF 1.2 (September 29, 2011) Device Telemetry Stack Lean CSS
Forms and Messages APIs
Customizable Home Page and Preferences API
Target/Trigger Engine (dev) Latest release officially under BSD License Changing demographics warrant strategy change More info in "The Responsive Future of MWF" and "Core Architecture in MWF's Responsive Future" presentations later today. Extend, don't recreate
Modular, highly configurable architecture
Rich UI and Javascript library But you can start using it today Responsive web toolkit Beta release targeted December 15, 2012 Request GitHub access from ebollens@ucla.edu Web app environment Peer-to-peer network with powerful trust layer
Share your apps internally and beyond
Deliver apps from other trusted sources Distributed app hosting and sharing Web app store
Metadata standard Integration via... Shibboleth
Registrar enrollment data
Moodle block
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