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Should Girls and Boys be in Separate Classes?

No description

Harley Hughes

on 20 November 2014

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Transcript of Should Girls and Boys be in Separate Classes?

Should Girls and Boys be in Separate Classes?
I strongly
that females and males should not be separated in their studies. I think we balance each other
out. If males are not used to being around women in a
controlled environment who's to say they will be able to
handle a strong-willed woman later in life. It's the same
thing with females what if we are not able to handle men
and may end up being repulsed and not getting married.
Positive Light
Boys are more assertive in the classroom, which can make girls shy away from speaking up in class
Calming influence on boys
Feel like no longer need to impress opposite sex
Girls can excel at math and science without fear of ridicule, and boys can explore writing poetry, studying music and other academic skills sometimes considered more feminine
Encourages teachers to use louder voices and plenty of movement when teaching boys, but a calming tone and less movement when working with girls
Negative Side
Require more teachers
Building meaningful friendships and even romances can be difficult
Negative stereotypes are reinforced
Get frustrated because males and females won't know how
to interact properly with the opposite gender
When these students grow up the actually have low self-esteem
Promotes gender inequality
Few educators are formally trained to use gender-specific teaching techniques
Will one day live and work side-by-side with members of the opposite sex, this may end up being a shock
(Girls Rule)
Can you
yourself walking through school an seeing only students of your same gender? You would be taking classes, eating lunch, and spending your time with only girls (if your a girl) or only boys (if your a boy). Single-Gender classes consists of separating females and males and putting them in different classrooms. This can be good and bad for a number of reasons but that is because in the end all genders are different. Even down to how they like the temperature of the room --cooler for boys--
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