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The case of the dead musician

No description

Annabelle Wenzel

on 23 February 2015

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Transcript of The case of the dead musician

The Case of the Dead Musician
the dead musican
the piano
On May 16,2006,we recieved a call saying that Mr. Anton Karazai was found by his son. When we arrived at the crime scene,we found Mr. Karazai hanging from a chandeleir. It was said by his son that he had hung himself in the piano room using a cord from a set of drapes. and we noted that mutiple steel wire had been ripped from the piano.
First, he was hanging 2 feet above the
stool when we found him. It would have been
impossible to have jumped that high and wrap the noose around his neck so quickly. And it was also not knoked over

Secondly, there was a small cut across the Adam's apple and it could not have been made by the curtin cord. But, the piano cords were ripped out and we believe it made the small cut.

Lastly,He also explains that he is going to retire for the night after playing the piano. When one retires for the night this means that they are going to bed. Not committing their own death. The closer you look at the evidence, the stranger it seems.
In conclusion, we truly do believe it is not a suicide, and we know that his son did it. We have the evidence, we have the diary, and we saw the strings. What happened? Anton Karazi was an innocent man convicted of his own death
We claim that Anton Karazai was killed by his own son. We believe the reason to be that he knew that when his father died,he would inherit his fortune. He knew this,and decided that being rich was better than spending time with his father,who's death was coming soon either way. His son is guilty of killing his own father,just so he could be rich.
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