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Becoming all Things for all Students

No description

Martha Fleming

on 18 August 2016

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Transcript of Becoming all Things for all Students

Becoming All Things for All Students at Seward High School
Trevan Walker
Community Embedded
Legacy School
Barrier to School Reform

Seward High
We had an epiphany in the Fall of 2012:
Other than Home School, we are the only path to a diploma for the entire Eastern Kenai Peninsula.

In order to improve our graduation rate, it is our burden to become all things for all students...
We committed to transforming into a Hybrid High School. We define hybrid high school as, "the simultaneous provision of both traditional and alternative credit acquisition strategies within the school day and beyond. All other traditional high school experiences remain the same."
We established a "Home Release" Policy to manage those students who were procuring credits outside of our traditional bell schedule.
Teachers began adopting and sharing instructional strategies that wouldn't have been possible without a school-wide adoption: Blended Learning, Flipped Instruction, Distance Delivery.

Suddenly, our students' learning started looking like this...

A master schedule that includes the greatest possible variety of course offerings, instructional techniques, and flexibility for accessing them; pushed out on a four-year timeline and applied across all disciplines create vastly differing pathways toward a diploma.

The First Shift in Mindsets:
A Seward High Diploma will not be based on students' willingness/ability to conform. It will, instead, be based on students' proficiency with the standards.
30% of our upper classmen did an Internship or...
...work study in 2015.
30% of our upper classmen
earned college credit.
Distance Delivery
Duel Credit through Kenai Peninsula College
Independent Study
The Second Mindset:
The Definition of success will be as unique and fluid as the student to whom the definition is applied.
We initially pursued this strategy to meet the needs of our most at-risk learners. However, more and more students began pursuing alternative credit acquisition strategies to create more individualization in path to a diploma.
Sir Ken Robinson

Martha Fleming
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