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The Evolution of the Corvette

No description

Justin Blascak

on 21 January 2013

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Transcript of The Evolution of the Corvette

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli C1-C6 (1953-Present) The Evolution of the Corvette First generation of the Corvette (1953-1962) 2nd Generation of the Corvette (1963-1967) 3rd Generation of the Corvette (1968-1982) Fourth generation of Corvettes (1983-1996) The Fifth generation of Corvettes (1997-2004) The Sixth generation of Corvettes (2005-Present) What each model had to offer:
1953: Production starts on June 30th. The polo white with red interior and a black top was the only color combination
1954: The Production moves to St. Louis. New colors are offered. Blue or Red or Black for exterior. The biege top color is added and longer tailpipes are added
1955: V8 added, 3 speed manual transition added
1956: New body look, V8 and 3 speed are mandatory wit hpowerglide option
1957: 4 speed manual transmission optional along with fuel injected engine.
1958: Quad headlights, longer body, new interior/dashboard, chrome added on cars trunklid and less grille teeth
1959: First black interior and dashboard storage bin, only modle with turquoise top, chrome and louvers from '58 removed
1960: Minor interior changes
1961: New rear styling, bumpers, and round taillights along with a new fine-mesh grill
1962: V8 engine, last year with trunk until 1997, new black grill surronded by chrome and chrome rocker panel markings The features of the 2nd generation corvettes:
1963: New coupe body style introduced with split rear window, was more expensive than the convertible model
1964: hood louvers deleted and sinlge panel rear window
1965: Big block V8 added along with the last year to have a fuel injected engine until 1982 and side exhaust pipes introduced
1966: Big block V8 had bulging hood, 300 horsepower and the small block V8 was standard
1967: Five louver fender, brake handle now in center of console, buldge from the big block V8 becomes a scoop
The features of 3rd generation Corvettes were:
1968: New body with T-top removable roof panels, new interior, engines carried over, 3 speed turbo-hydra matic replaces the 2 speed power glide trasmission option
1969: First year of the 350cu in. small block, new interior and door panel inserts and stingray fender license plate placement added, 17in black vinyl steering wheel replaces 18in wood steering wheel.
1970: First year for the LT-1 small block and the 454 cu in. big block. 4 speed manual transmission added with all engine types except the LT-350 small block, Posi-traction, metal front grills and fender grills, lower molded fender flares, hi-back seats, small interior changes, new interior options like leather seats, carpeting, wood grain accents and low carpeted door panels.
1971: Loss of alot of power due to chevrolettes effort to not leaded gasoline, emission controls installed
1972: front and rear chrome bumpers, removable back window panel and windshield wiper door
1973: 5mph front bumper system, pot metal front grills, new front fender ducts, radial tires, rubber body mounts, new hood, new front end
1974: 5mph rear bumper system, recessed taillights and down turned tailpipes, only year for the two piece rear bumper cover with split, all black aluminum front grills, dual exhaust resonators, revised radiator cooling and interior a/c ducts, seat and shoulder belt integration, last year for true dual exhaust system and last year for the 454 big block in a corvette
1975: First year of Catalytic converter and single exhaust, black painted bumper pads, redesigned inner bumper systems and one piece rear bumper, plastic front grills, amber parking lamp lenses, last yeare of the C3 convertible
1976: Steel floor panels, cold air induction dropped, new aluminum alloy wheels option, new one piece rear nameplate
1977: Last year of flat rear glass design, Black exterior available which was a first ever since 1969, new front and rear end emblems, new interior console and gauges and a new universal GM radio
1978: 25th anniversary, new fast back rear window, silver anniversary and Indy 500 pace back special editions of the car
1979: Sports seats, optional front and rear spoilers, optional glass t-tops and new, redesigned comfortable interior
1980: New matierals, front hood, molded front end spoilers, rear bumper cover with molded spoilers, new tail lamps, 85mph speedometer, california cars powered by 305 V8s and automatic transmission this year only, last year for the L-82 engine
1981: The 350 cu in V8 returns in California cars, last year for manual transmission
1982: New crossfire fuel injected L-83 engine, new automatic overdrive transmission, the collectors edition featured a hatched rear window The fourth generation of Corvettes changes:
1984: Hatchback body, digital instruments inside
1985: More powerful and efficent L-98 engine introduced
1986: First convertible model since 1975, third brake light, and antilock brakes along with built in security system
1987: Callaway twin turbo offered through dealers with GM warranty
1988: All white, 35th anniversary edition and brand new design
1989: Zf 6 speed manual replaces Doug Nash 4+3
1990: ZR-1 is introduced with DOHC LT-5 engine, interior design redone to incorporate drivers side airbag
1991: Restyled interior
1992: New LT-1 engine replaces the L-98 engine, Traction control is standard
1993: Passive keyless entry is standard, 40th anniversary special edition in Ruby Red
1994: New interior including passanger airbag
1995: Last year of the ZR-1, Minor exterior restyling, Indy pace car special edition
1996: Optional LT-4 engine with 330 BHP, collectors edition and grand sport edition, first year to have OBD II diagnostics The changes in the fifth generation models:
1997: The LS-1 engine is new and the coupe is the only body style offered
1998: The C5 debuts and is the first Corvette convertable to have a trunk sice 1962, active handling system offerd as equipment
1999: less expensive hardtop coupe is offered
2000: Newly styled alloy wheels debut
2001: Hardtop body style becomes top preformance for the Z06, New LS6 engine and suspension improvements, Second generation active handling system becomes standard, slight increase in engine power
2002: 20 BHP increase on the engine for the Z06
2003: 50th anniversary coupe and convertible models, F55 magnetic selective ride control replaces the old F45 as an option
2004: no changes except for 24 hours of Le Mans Commemorative package offered for all models
The 6th generation of Corvettes changes:
2005: New body is first with fixed headlamps since 1962, no Z06 model and a late convertible introduction
2006: The Z06 debuts, 6 speed automatic transmission available on non Z06 models
2007: 6 speed auto paddle shift are reduced drastically compared to the 2006 model
2008: LS3 introduced, all leather interior added
2009: New ZR1 model added, new spyder like wheels for the Z06 model
2010: Grand sport coupe and convertible added, replaces the z51 preformance package, launch control standard on MN6 models
2011: Wheel choices updated, larger cross drilled brake rotors
2012: Upgraded interior and new tires on the base model, Z06 requires full length rear spoiler and a carbon fiber hood, Z01 gets adjusted gears for better fuel economy The Age of UGLY The corvette went through many years and different looks, that can be deemed "UGLY" there was a period of time in which they mainly were, here well list the periods and the top 5, UGLIEST Corvettes today 1983-1996 Corvettes age of UGLY The C4 generation of Corvettes were definatley the ugliest of all the generations in my opinion, they no longer held a classic or iconic look and look like a very cheap and far less advanced model of todays corvettes, it was not until the 1997 models of Corvettes came out that we saw a slight bodily rebuild to the corvettes big heaping body of steel UGLY. Brace yourselfs, for 14 years, of UGLY Number 5 The 1998 C5 Indy 500 pace car replica This limited edition and rare corvette was the type of Corvette raced at the 82nd Indy 500, It was the most decked out pace car to date at the time and 1000 replicas such as this were made in honor of it, you were able to pick it up at your local dealer if they had one. The 82nd Indy 500 took place May 24th, 1998 .
This car hsa great preformance and a great build but this section is about exterior looks and this model, due to black and yellow interior and exterior colors, making 6 or more different visible colors total made this car, UGLY. Number 4 1983 Corvette This is the 1983 Corvette. It is painted red, it is the first model in the C4 series, it is not a bad preforming car, but compared to old and modern looks of the Corvette this could very well be classified as UGLY. Number 3 This is the 1993 "Ruby Red" 40th anniversary edition, it featured a black interior and was a convertable, it might have had a nice look back in the day, but theres something so boring about cars of this era, sure its nicer than most 80s and 90s cars, take a1990s honda civic for example, not appealing, but this car, is definatley in my opinion, UGLY Number 2 1994 Corvette This is the 1994 Corvette, this featured the double-T removable sun roof windows and featured a black interior and blue exterior on this example, the rims, plus the general boring shoe like shape make me feel strongly in my heart and soul that this car, crawled from the depths, of UGLY. Yes this looks similar to the 1993, but it is still so, so UGLY. NUMBER 1 1993 40th anniversary "Ruby Red" Corvette I am not sure of the year or model but it appears to be a Z06 from the 6th generation or late 5th Look at it! Look at it! its terrible! This appears to be a late 5th or early 6th generation Corvette Z06 model, it has a terribly, cheesy arura of UGLY, it is the biggest failure of a cool paintjob on a corvette ive seen to date. It gives me chills just to look at it, it hurts my eyes and my head, this car, it appears to be a dragon on the hood, with an off center red racing strip and two pointless mini stripes within the red which abruptly start and stop, it is atrocious! Disgusting! Hideous! Take it away! Ewww! but it is a great preforming car on the inside as we all know, but on the outside it is, not appealing, This cars photo is probably the reason i fell ill, it is a horror, and deserves so much more, than to be listed, as the number one UGLIEST corvette, because of this paint job for being so, so UGLY! The History of the Corvette To start the corvette is the only car to have been continusly making models for 61 years and counting. The first Corvette was made in Flint, Michigan on June 30th, 1953. The car was invented in 1951 by GM designer Harley Earl, who was inspired by great European sports cars of his day, He wanted them to win in races on race tracks just like Ferraris, The name he chose, "Corvette" came from small US navy ships used in WWII. In 1953 only 300 Corvettes were made, all with white exterior and red interior. The corvette really took off though in the 1960s when production increased from 10,000 cars per year to about 27,000 per year. Also new engine options and special racing editions were offered. This being the 2nd generation, they took off and were steadily produced throughout it. The C3 corvettes which were made from 1968-1982 are by far the most produced. of the estimated 1.5 million produced, about 540,000 were produced in this generation, although in the 1970s horsepower and collectors values dropped. The 4th generation was next to come, due to low quality issues it wasent released until 1984 insteads of 1983, butwhen it did come out they were well built and well preforming and the quality increased with every model, but they were still ugly. They are popular amongst people today who want a good, everyday, affordable Corvette. Or for people who are in love with cars that reek of ugly. Next to come was C5 or the fifth generationof the Corvette. The C5 series brought a new era to the Corvette. Engineers rebuilt the car from scratch and soon enough the car was a top seller, and GM signed for them to go back into racing because they were so well built and not ugly. The began racing at Le Mans in USA and at the 82nd Indie 500 race on May 24th, 1998. The newest Models, the C6 are high preformance and fit for any High end racing event. They are all around amazing built cars. The newest models can reach speeds over 200mph and cost over $100,000. The future of Corvettes has much in store and very promising out looks for the new 7th generation of Corvettes. Facts about Corvettes 1. Corvettes have the longest running production time of any car ever made
2. They were made in 1953
3. The car was designed in 1951 by Harley Earl
4. The corvette was designed after the Ferrari
5. 1968 was the first year an AM/FM radio option
6. Since 1981 all Corvettes have had computers in them
7. 1974 was the last year Corvettes took Leaded Gas
8. The 1983 Corvette had so many problems it had to Hault production
9. They have been assembled in 3 different factories
10. The front logo for a Corvette was inspired by GMs founder. He got the inspiration from Hotel wallpaper in 1908 in Paris, that he ripped off and brought home to Detroit. THE END
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