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A Barred Owl and The History Teacher

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cleary sullivan

on 14 March 2014

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Transcript of A Barred Owl and The History Teacher

1. Find out what the adults are explaining

2. Find Literary devices

3. Compare and contrast

4. Analyze how lit devices show meaning
Find Lit Terms
Puns (A History Teacher): Lines 2-3, 5, 7-10, 11, 12-13, 21-22.

Rhyme Scheme (A Barred Owl): The whole poem.

Imagery (Both):
ABO lines 1-2, 11-12

AHT lines 17, 19
Puns: Ignorant and childish view of the world and the horrible things that happen.
Rhyme Scheme: Soothing and plays into innocence.
Imagery: ABO emphasizes the fear
AHT emphasizes the flaws in his explanation.
What is Explained?
A Barred Owl:
This poem in our opinion is explaining a childs fear of night and how parents shield the children from unnecessary fright.

The History Teacher:
The teacher in this poem is skewing history to make it more child friendly such as calling the Ice Age the Chilly Age and the Stone age the Gravel Age, etc. It also shows the effect it has on the children in his class.
By Cleary and Isabella
A Barred Owl and The History Teacher (2007)
Prompt Question
Tone Shift
ABO: Last paragraph goes from comforting parental explanation to harsh reality of the noises, which can represent other bad things in the world

AHT: Line 14, begins explaining the outcome of his teaching method and the negative effects it has on the children. It also explains his perfectly peaceful walk home which alludes to why he would explain such violent events as so peaceful (because he knows no better).
The two poems are used to convey the preciousness of innocence which becomes apparent through tone shift; yet, the poems differ in that each adult explanation initiates an alternate outcome as shown through puns, rhyme scheme and imagery.
Body Paragraphs
1. Use pun examples in AHT to show how the teacher distorts the children's view of history, condemning them to repeating it.
2. Use rhyme scheme examples to convey the soft motherly voice in ABO to show the success of the poem and why it helps the children avoid unnecessary fright.
3. Use imagery examples to prove the positive outcome in ABO by producing a picture of the exaggerated thoughts the children would have. Also to show in AHT the effect his alterations have on the children and to provide reasoning as to why he would alter history this way.
Score We Think We Would Get
We think we may get a 6. We believe we hit a lot of the points but at the same time feel there may be a deeper meaning we are not picking up on. We did though speak about the tone shift and mentioned all the points in the question so we would probably get a mid to high school.
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