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No description

Rose Hogan

on 27 November 2014

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Transcript of BEER

Types of Beer
-India Pale Ales
-Stouts & Porters
The American Story
How is it happening?
Alcohol Fermentation
Sugar and Yeast --> ATP, Ethanol, CO2
As fermentation keeps occurring, nutrients decrease and alcohol increases
What Makes Beer, Beer
Grains provide sugar
Different types of yeast provide different beers. (Pale ale vs Lager)
"Skunky" beer
UV light hits hops and creates 3-BMT
Corona and Heineken
Industry-Related Jobs in Top Five States
= 241, 640

= 160, 390

= 139,190

New York
= 108,190

= 70,650
Top Five States
History of Beer
Molecular Process

Economic Impact
With Greatest Economic impact in the United States
= $34,240,318,100

= $21,007, 291,700

= $14,150,685,000

New York
= $14,035,804,800

= $8,694,413,00

Causative Agents
What About Oregon?
-1587: Virginia colonists brew ale using corn
-1612: The industry began with Adrian Block & Hans Christiansen and their "New World Brewery" in Manhattan
-1810: 132 breweries
-1920: National Prohibition
-1969: Canned beer outsells bottled beer
-1972: Oregon first to adopt a container deposit law
-1978: Homebrewing federally legal!
-1981: First ever GABF held in Colorado
-1983: Top 6 breweries: Busch, Miller, Heileman, Stroh, Coors, & PBR
-2013: Over 3,000 breweries in the

Oregon's Total Economic Contributions
: $2,831,063,200
Oregon's Industry-Related Jobs:
29,330, the highest amount of jobs being in the business and personal service category.
The 4 Basic Ingredients
Oregon Ranks #1:
in the U.S in breweries per Capita and in percent of dollars spent on Craft Beer.
The Process
Fun Oregonian Fact:
Oregon breweries made 1.4 million barrels of beer in 2013 AND then consumed 2.8 million barrels of beer that same year. Which means over 18% of the beer consumed in Oregon was also made in Oregon. #beermath
Cooking with Beer
Social Impact
- World's oldest and most
widely consumed alcoholic
- 3rd most popular beverage
to water & tea
- world wide availability
- many appearances in
different cultures
- beer gardens
- sporting events
- complement to food
- TV commercials/ads
- your parent's fridge
(maybe yours too)
Social Concerns
America's Beer Institute has an Advertising and Marketing Code: committing itself to “a responsible and respectful manner” of advertising...

but... sex sells.
Underage Drinking
Online resources for parents
"We Don't Serve Teens"
Community Speakers
"Family Talk"
Health Alliance on Alcohol

....and SO MANY MORE!!!
Drunk Driving
Chelsea Richards, Rose Hogan, Jessee Hinton, Rachael Hara, Lia Naputi, Nicholia Walker
Sober Ride
MillerLite Taxi Finder app
Designated Driver Programs

"Drunk driving fatalities have decreased
51% since 1982 and 21% over
the past five years."
Environmental Responsibility
Water Treatment Facilities
Environmentally Friendly Energy Sources (wind & solar)
Capturing biogases as recycled byproduct
In a World..
Without Alcohol
18th Amendment -
took effect Jan. 17th, 1920
banned alcohol consumption & sales
repealed in 1933

Volstead Act -
separate act giving methods of enforcement & defined what liquors were prohibited

Expected sales to rise in:
household items
rent & houses
theater tickets
other types of entertainment

most entertainment industries
suffered dramatically
overall negative effects
Beer Beats Fire
It's 5'O Clock Somewhere
Passing Kidney Stones and Bladder Infection
Lower Blood Pressure
"There may never have been a better
time to be a beer drinker....at least
until tomorrow."
-Beer enthusiasts
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Boiling the Wort
Cooling the Wort
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