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The World of Image

No description

Lisa Langenhop

on 24 September 2013

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Transcript of The World of Image

The World of Image
An image is a powerful experience that is far from being inert. It is a symbolic, emotional space that replaces physical experience (or the memory of it)
in the viewer's mind.

In the hands of a designer who knows how to command composition on a purely visual level, and who can conceptually select and manipulate content, an image is by far the most profound
communication tool available.
-p. 166
Abstraction and Representation
An image might be either or both.
Turn to p. 166
Image Mode
A designer decides to how involve image by evaluating the content and it's conceptual content

Mode = The form of an image's representation

Semiology and Stylization
Icon : Visual sign

Symbol : Basically an icon with meaning

Graphic Translation : Icon with more detail(texture, volume, etc.)

p. 170, 176
Illustration allows for varying degrees of abstraction and complex, invented spatial arrangements
p. 173
The realism and directness of photography allow a viewer to enter the image and process it very quickly, and it carries a level of
truth, of non-persuasion

p. 180
Type as Image

When a letter or image takes on pictorial qualities beyond those that define their form, they also become images
p. 182
The Medium is a Message
The language of the tool has a powerful effect of an illustration's communicative value
p. 175

Magritte v Yoko Ono “Apple”
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