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An exploration of Troy and Lyons.

No description

Wahhaj Shakoor

on 18 January 2014

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Transcript of An exploration of Troy and Lyons.

What is the purpose of Lyons in the play Fences by August Wilson? To what extent can Troy be considered a good father?
Focus question:
An Exploration of Troy and Lyons.

Wahhaj Shakoor

Lyons is Troy's son from a different relationship, and Troy didnt get to spend a lot of time with Lyons due to the fact that he was in jail for most of Lyons' childhood.
Lyons and Troy don't have a regular father son relationship.
Troy doesn't support Lyons' dreams of becoming a musician at all.
Lyons tries to pay back ten dollars to his father and he rejects the offer with a negative response. He indirectly calls Lyons broke and thinks that Lyons only comes around for money.

The Purpose of Lyons is to show how bad of a father Troy really is. Troy has a lot of flaws when it comes to parenting. He neglects Lyons, he doesnt support the dreams of both his sons, and he cheated on his wife Rose who was very good to him.
Troy is a good father to a minimal extent because he completely ignores his oldest son Lyons and he isn't supportive at all. He also cheats on Rose which makes him a bad father because he didn't take into consideration what his kids would have thought of that. Rose is a wonderful wife and she does what she can to support the family. A family man or father shouldnt cheat on their wife, shouldn't ignore their son, and shoudlnt put one over the other.
Dewey is ignored by his family just like Lyons is ignored by his. Both Dewey and Lyons try to get the attention of their family members but they go unnoticed. In the video Dewey tries to tell his mother about his piano competition, but his mother is too focused on other things to even sign his sheet. Similarly Lyons tries to get closer with his father but his father is too busy dealing with Cory and other family problems like the fence.
Comparison between parts of the video and Fences.
Background Information
Troy is Cory and Rose's son, and through most the play we see Troy and Cory talking. At the end of the book we see that Cory decides to go to Troy's funeral because he realized that going was the right thing to do, and he has to honor his father.

Troy is also more attentive to Cory because Cory wanted to be a football player, and Troy himself was rejected as a baseball player because of his color.
Troy and Cory
Father/Son relationship.
Lyons and Troy
Who is Lyons?
Troy Maxson is the father of Cory Maxson and Lyons Maxson
Rose Maxson is the mother of Cory and
of Lyons.
Lyons wants to become a successful musician and start a family of his own.
Lyons' mother left him when Troy went to jail.
Maxson's and friends
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