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Share Your Story with the World

Social Media for Ministry

Sharon Ely Pearson

on 30 July 2014

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Transcript of Share Your Story with the World

Blogs are good for ....
Get Started!
Building Your Site
Share Your Story with the World
Don't Build a Bear . . .
Build a Blog

Developing & sharing your ideas
Becoming identified as a "thought leader"
Becoming a better writer and showcasing your writing
Influencing the conversation
Serving as a personal webpage
Accumulating content over time
Offering mission interpretation & theological reflection
Making content available & shareable & sociable
Documenting a faith journey
Install program - choose theme
Design blog - choose a few categories
Choose Plug-Ins & Widgets
Create content - Write, curate - 500 words
Social Media strategy - RSS feed / e-mail
6.7 million people
Telling a personal or ministry story
Pros: Posts, photos, comments,
categorize, tag, search, links,
space, ministry compatible
Cons: Space, maintenance, time
Find your niche:
What's your mission?
Define your readers:
Who is this for?
Blogger Tumblr
WordPress Weebly
Choosing a domain name and where it will be hosted.
GoDaddy Bluehost
DreamHost 1 and 1
Host Monster HostNine
FatCow Host Gator
Be Social!
What do you say?
1. Use catchy titles
2. Ask open ended questions
3. Make content relevant
4. Be original. Be yourself
5. Share your perspective
6. Be honest
7. Transparency
8. Use images
9. Link to other content
10. Keep it short
Remember your mission. Stick to it.

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