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Speech Language Pathology

No description

Megan Richardson

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of Speech Language Pathology

What classes do I need to take? Phonetics: A study of the International Phonetic Alphabet and different dialects.
Clinical Management: Clinical procedures for working in all areas that are available for Speech Pathologists.
Voice & Fluency Disorders: Studies of voice functioning and fluency issues.
Vocal Anatomy: A study of the structure of the speaking mechanism.
Language Development: A study of developmental psycholinguistics. What Degrees do I need and where can I get one? A speech language pathologist needs a masters degree to work in a school and a doctorate to practice privately.
A major in Communication Sciences and Disorders is needed.
Colleges include:
Texas Christian University
Abiliene Christian University
Stephen F. Austin University
University of Texas at Austin
Texas Women's University What is Speech Language Pathology? Speech-language pathologists diagnose and treat communication and swallowing disorders in patients. What certifications do I need? To become a Speech Language Pathologist, you need to pass the American Speech-Language Hearing Association (ASHA) certification test. Once I become a Speech Language Pathologist... I plan to work in either a school setting with most likely pre-schoolers or work as a speech pathologist in a hospital working with newborn babies and smaller children. I want to be a Speech Pathologist Because... Megan Richardson Speech Language Pathology I want to do something with deaf education, and after taking career tests was given choice from human services and I did not want to be a teacher like my mom, so I chose speech language pathology because it is a happy medium between all.
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