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Persuasive Techniques

No description

John Oleksa

on 3 March 2015

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Transcript of Persuasive Techniques

Persuasive Techniques Pop Quiz
Advertisers know how to
target their audiences
use appropriate persuasive technique
Audience Awareness
A means of convincing people:
to buy a certain product
to believe something or act in a certain way
to agree with a point of view.
What is persuasion?
“Can You Hear Me Now?”
Persuasion Is All Around You!
Who’s the audience?
In Bait and Switch advertising, the company will lure you in with a lower price, and then get you to buy something more expensive.
Bait and Switch
Advertisers often use words that stir up certain emotions in us. Sometimes, these words glitter and sparkle to attract our eye, or sometimes they make us angry or repulsed.
“NEW!” . . . “Fresh” . . . “Pure” . . . “Home-made.”
Glittering Generalities
A statement suggesting that everyone is using a specific product, so you should too.
Experts approve this product, so you should use it
“Four out of five dentists recommend sugarless gum for their patients who chew gum”
Expert opinion
A well-known person supports a product or service.
Identify the persuasive techniques (e.g., bandwagon, testimonial, glittering generalities, emotional word repetition, expert opinion, public service announcement and bait and switch) used in presentations and media messages.
Common persuasive techniques often used in advertising
HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead
HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead
HEAD ON Apply directly to the forehead
Emotional Word Repetition:
The name of a product is repeated many times.
Persuasive technique?
What persuasvie technique is used here?
Persuasive Techniques Pop Quiz
What Persuasive Technique is used here?
Persuasive Techniques Pop Quiz
What persuasive Technique is used here?
Verizon Ad - first decade of the 2000's.
Public Service Announcement
A public service announcement is an advertisement that a television or radio station airs for a cause or a charity.
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