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Capture This

No description

Mikayla Frey

on 18 April 2018

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Transcript of Capture This

Capture This
But trust me, I didn't put the camera down for good, because I still want to
Capture Moments Like This
Bringing different cultures together through photographing all the little quirks from each corner of the earth. I have seen many amazing things and I have many great stories, but I am going to tell you the one about my very last trip...
What am I famous for?
Well, I was, but you'll hear more about that later.
I am a world-renowned photographer.
up until the nightmare. That. That was a turning point in my life.
That is what I told myself, everyday,
This story starts the same as every other, I pack up everything that was unpacked only a week ago.
Then, I say goodbye to my wife and daughter, promising that next time I will be home longer.
For this particular trip, I was looking into the strange creatures of my destination. So as soon as I got there, I immediately started taking pictures...
...and documenting everything I saw.
As per usual, I was paid generously for every photo.
And I continued to document everything.
Before I knew it, I had been gone for over a month.
But this was my passion, I figured my family would understand.
I dreamt that I had become a creature. Not one I had ever seen before, but one that had a dark and evil presence.
When I unwittingly went to find my family, my dark figure frightened them. I thought I was being there for them, but I only caused them pain.
It sounds dumb whenever I tell this dream out loud, but it really made me realize what I was doing by being away from home so often. Waking up from that nightmare made me never want to feel so far away agian.
That afternoon I started my trip back home, going over different apologies in my head.
Seeing my family so happy meant the world to me, so I quit my job as a world photographer.
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