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Micro Financing

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Transcript of Micro Financing

By: Emma Grootenboer
June 10, 2013 Micro Financing What Micro Financing Is My Project I choose to study the project of Rosmery.
Rosmery needed a loan of $1,100 to buy shoes, clothes and ladies accessories to resell. She is 40 years old. She hopes to keep her business growing, as it already is. Her goal is to send her two children, an 8 and a 3 year old, to school. Rosmery is looking forward to Mother's Day; she hopes to sell a lot of merchandise. Rosmery lives in Colombia. Where Colombia Is Colombia is
in South
America. It
is bordering
Brazil, Peru,
Ecuador, and
Panama. Micro financing is when someone just like you
lends as little as $25 to someone who is in
need of it. You can even choose who you want to lend to! Once more people all chose to lend to the same person, they will have enough money. With this money, the poor can start a small business. When they get enough money from the business they can pay you back. At this point, you have two choices. You can either lend again, or keep your money for yourself. Colombia's Map Colombia has
32 different
which is just
like the
Americans' have
states. Colombia
is 1, 138, 910
square km. Colombian Natural Resources Colombia has many natural resources, the main one is
coffee. 1/6 of the useable land is used for farming
coffee. It is the world's 3rd largest producer of coffee!
Colombia still makes more money through petroleum (or oil). Sugar canes and bananas are two more of Colombia's natural resources. Orchids and carnations are two of the fresh cut flowers that Colombia exports, which, after Holland, is the biggest exporter of fresh cut flowers. They also catch fish. Colombia has many mines, too. Their major meet is beef. Colombian Landscape Colombian Landscape Colombia's landscape has many
mountains and fields.
In the eastern plains
and coast, the climate is tropical, and in the highlands, cooler. The perfect
fields and soil are
great for farming
coffee beans, which
makes a lot of
Colombia's money. Colombian Government The current Colombian government is a republic government. The people help rule the country, so it is a democratic country. When the citizens are 18 or older, they can vote. There is still fighting going on in Colombia to this day. This affects people like Rosmery because
of the instability in the country. Colombia's History The native people of Colombia are called Chibchas.
The Chibchas made beautiful, artistic gold jewelry and pottery, and lived around one thousand B. C..
In 1499 explorers from Spain came, brought diseases with them, and many Chibchas died. The
explorers from Spain called the new land New Grenada. They announced independence from Spain in 1810. In the year of 1819, the new president was Bolivar. The Conservative Party were the people who followed him, the people who didn't were the Liberal Party. The war going on between them has affected people like Rosmery. The Population Colombia's population is 41, 008, 227. This is a lot of people to be living in a small country like Colombia. Colombian Economy Colombia can have peace again if they can lessen the gap between the rich and poor, stop fighting over political views, and increase education and heath care. Why I Chose Rosmery I like what she needs money for
I like that she wants to send her kids to school
I like her dream of keeping her business growing Rosmery has already got all her funds. Colombia's Flag Each stripe means
Yellow: the gold in
Colombia's land.
Blue: the seas
bordering Colombia. Red: the blood fighting for freedom. Christian Perspective God blesses us with money that we can use and give others. We can help others and give them a start so they can be just as wealthy as we are.
Proverbs 27:28 says:
"Those who give to the poor lack nothing,
but those who close their eyes to them receive many curses." Adios!
Hasta luego! (Spanish for 'Bye! See you soon!') My Food!!!!!!! I brought Arepas!!!!!!
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