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The Benefits of SOA

No description

Jason Scott

on 17 January 2013

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Transcript of The Benefits of SOA

Oracle EBS
10.5.9 Wynnewood
Maximo Coffeyville Maximo OpenText BOLO Savvion CVR Energy's Current Reality: Point-to-Point Application Integration Code from
Vendor 1 Code from
Vendor 2 Code from
Vendor 3 Code from
Vendor 4 Code from
Vendor 5 Custom
Code Custom
Code Custom
Code Custom
Code Custom
Code This is a "Technology First" approach: "We have this technology... How
can we make it solve a problem?" SOA enables a "Service First" approach: "Our business runs via defined functions. Let's create universal SERVICES that mimic those functions." Service Bus Oracle WYN
Maximo COFF
Maximo Savvion eMAC BOLO OpenText COTS New
App Get Barrels
by Lease from
App Get Maximo
Work Order
Number Insert General
Ledger Entry Update Vendor
Name Look up eMAC
Group Members Clearly, SOA eliminates much
of the mess of the "spaghetti"
model of integration... But it doesn't address the
core data itself.
Enter MDM Data Quality De-Duplication Data Standardization Data Quality Vendor Name:
Datyon Motors Vendor Name:
Datyon Motors Vendor Name:
Dayton Motors Vendor Name:
Dayton Motors Data De-Duplication GetMaximoVendor:
Dayton Motors GetWYNMaximoVendor:
Dayton Motors GetNITMaximoVendor:
Dayton Motors GetMaximoVendor:
Dayton Motors Ideally, we would
do this: Currently, we have
to do this: MDM can de-duplicate this data,
getting us to more ideal data models:
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