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The Gene Patent controversy: the arguments and the history

No description

Lisa Weiss

on 7 May 2017

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Transcript of The Gene Patent controversy: the arguments and the history

The Gene Patent controversy: the arguments and the history
It is currently possible to patent genes
There is an ongoing argument over whether or not it should be possible to patent genes
this is the gene patent controversy
The patent side
The non-patent side
Genes are not a discovery, they were already there
hinders research as soon every material in the field is patented and scientist will try to take routes with no patents, or simply avoid it altogether
Genes become monopolized
Slows down medical results
Moral issues
Such as patenting humans is immoral
the allowance of gene patenting began in 1980 after a Supreme Court decision
Currently more than 20 percent of human DNA is patented
A recent supreme court decision forbade the patenting of human DNA
the patenting of synthetic DNA is still allowed however
Patents are rewards for discoveries
Does not impede science
Has not so far
Encourages private industry
Gives scientists time to look over their material without competition
Provides investment opportunities
Major issues
1980 supreme court decision to allow gene patents
Major court cases
American wood Co. Vs The Fibre 1874
Cochrane v. Badische Anilin 1884
Diamond Vs Chakrabarty 1980
ACLU v. Myriad 2010
The recent ban on human gene patents in 2013 by a supreme court case
http://www.timetoast.com/timelines/gene-patent-cases-all, Feb 22 2014 Gene patent case: all
Feb 22 2014 CNN Politics
Feb 22 2014 Genetics Generation
http://www.thehastingscenter.org/Publications/BriefingBook/Detail.aspx?id=2174 Feb 22 2014 The Hastings Center
Dude bro
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