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Massachusetts AM

No description


on 22 May 2014

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Transcript of Massachusetts AM

Massachusetts AM
Economic Location
MIT stands for Massachusetts institute of technology. Also,it
is a very famous place.
MIT is were all the technology happens.
Historic Location
The Boston Harbor
Geographic Location
Fitch burg
Political Location
Choice Location
Interesting Facts
Massachusetts Economy
Massachusetts History
Massachusetts Geography
Massachusetts Government
Road Trip Distance
Fitch burg has lots of trees and
mountains. fitch burg is hot in the summer. There are foot ball games
near fitch burg.
The Boston Harbor is
were boats come to see
Boston. Also,the Boston Harbor is a very famous place.
the Boston Harbor has very tall buildings.
Boston is the capital
of Massachusetts. In Boston there was a merathon and at the end of the race there was bombing. There baseball team is the RED SOX.
#1 Lake chargoggagoggmanchauggauggagoggchaubunagungamaugg
has the longest place name in North America.
#2 volley ball and basket ball were invented in Massachusetts.
#3 The first world series baseball and national basket ball (NBA)
all star games were held in Massachusetts.
#4 The first american lighthouse was built in the Boston Harbor in 1716.
#5 Massachusetts bird is a black capped chickadee
#6 The state flower is a mayflower.
#7 The state tree is a American ELM.
#8 The population of Massachusetts is 6,349,097 people.
#9 The state song is '' All hail to Massachusetts'' by: Arthur j marsh.
#10 Massachusetts was the sixth state.
For the economy they traded
food for other food.

They had grains and salt and they had neclaces.The grains blew away and the salt melted so they needed something that would last longer.

so they invented money and paper money.
Thousands of years ago
Native Americans settled
in Massachusetts.

the Boston tea party Samuel Adams leads a group of Bostonian to dump east India company tea into the Boston Harbor in protest of the tea act.
In Massachusetts
they have mountains
they have beaches,green medows.River valleys
swamps,lakes, and ponds and lots of trees.
The governor is
Deval Patrick

he is a(Democrat)

The capital is Boston.
population map
political map
Elevation map
Economy map
This is
the milk
MIT-Boston to the Boston Harbor is 4.7 miles.
The Boston Harbor to Fitch burg is 40.5 miles.
Fitch burg back to Boston is 40.5 miles. And Boston to the Milk Bottle
restaurant is 31.5 miles.
If our class traveled to every single place the total would be 2,106.2 miles.
This map shows the economic uses of land
in Massachusetts and where the states leading
farm and mineral products are produced.
A population map shows how many people live there.
A elevation map
shows how high
the land is how flat
it is how tall it is and
how low it is.
A Political map
indicates state and
national boundaries
and capital and major
They serve
and lunch.

and of course
they have milk.
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