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The 6 Components of Health

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Sunny Pei

on 8 June 2016

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Transcript of The 6 Components of Health

The 6 Components of Health
Physical health is the way your body functions
Eating food that does not contain all of the nutrients your body needs can cause many health issues such as obesity, high blood pressure, and size deficiency
Exercising (or the lack thereof) helps the body develop muscles and allows it to grow correctly
How to cope, express, and deal with feelings
Depression is one type of emotional disorder where the person in question feels overwhelming sadness and emptiness.
Emotional health can be obtained through exercise, social contact, or medicine to help balance the chemicals in the brain
Social Health is the relationship between people
Humans are social creatures and relies on other people to help make up for the areas that they are weak in.
There are healthy relationships where both participants are in some sort of balance of power. In certain relationships it is necessary that one holds more power than the other (teacher, parent, bosses), and others require the same amount from both (romantic relationships, friendships, siblings)
Mental Health is a person's ability to cope with reality
Some examples of mental disorders are anxiety, bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, among many others.
People with mental disorders often get professional help from therapists.
Spiritual health is about the ethics, morals, and values of an individual
environmental health refers to the surroundings and having the necessary things to live
The flint water crisis is a good example of bad environmental health, as the water supply is unsafe to use.
Another bad example can be the food deserts that exist in many parts of the US where many people live in areas that do not have any fresh food in stores.
Bad spiritual health be when someone's morals or ethics are compromised and they do something that others find unacceptable.
Insanity is a legal term where a person is unable to determine right from wrong based on society rules.
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