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New Student Worker Training

Prezi Template with a Key to Success concept. Various small icons form a a key shape. Zoom into the details and present your key to success. Download this template from Prezibase.com

Courtney Ernst

on 27 August 2018

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Transcript of New Student Worker Training

What will I take away from this?
Team Player
Detail Oriented
Time Management Skills
What are key qualities in a student worker?
Be On Time!
Making Arrangements
Be prepared for work early!
Phone numbers

You MAY NOT share this information with anyone else!
Keep it locked up!
It will be your responsibility to manage the completion of employment paperwork including the I-9 & W-4 at the Business Office. You will only have to complete these forms once throughout your time at F&M.
So, how do I get paid?
You will submit your hours worked bi-weekly through Inside F&M.
Even if it's been a long day...
Show up with a positive attitude!
You don't want to show up like this:
Negativity And Gossip In The Workplace
Overhearing or asking about personal information from your supervisor(s).
Asking for irrelevant information on other students.
Complaining about or badmouthing employees, customers, students, etc.
Jumping into conversations that do not concern you.
Gossip may consist of:
Never behave like this!
How should I speak with my supervisor?
Be polite and formal! You should always be respectful of their authority.
Do not speak or write as if you were speaking with your friend. Address your supervisor using formal greetings and speech while writing or speaking with him or her.
Be mindful of how much personal information you share. Your supervisor does not want to know about your ex-boyfriend, his sister, her boyfriend, her boyfriend's mom, and so on.
Dear _________________

I am emailing with a question about the project you gave me yesterday. I do not understand which file I should be using. Can you please remind me which file I need?

Thank You,
What shouldn't I say?
Do not use "hey" in email or conversation.
Do not yell across a room to your supervisor to ask a question or announce a phone call. Either approach them quietly or send them an email if they are busy.
Do not share intimate details of your social or love life.
If you must call off sick do not describe your bodily functions. A simple explanation of your illness will do.
An example of how you
speak to your supervisor.
Can I do my homework today? It's a bit slow...
Do not assume you are allowed to do homework while working.
Always stay alert!
Every office has different policies regarding homework, so check with your supervisor first!
I just went to the gym...
Always come to work recently showered, wearing clean clothes, and dry hair.
What can I wear?
Modest Casual Dress
What can't I wear?
Inappropriate Graphics
Short Shorts
Showing Undergarments
See through clothing
What does my workspace look like?
Keep your workspace clean
and leave it as you found it!
If you must leave a note for the next worker, be sure to write the next worker's name, clearly state what needs to be done, then date and sign it.
John Marshall <3
Hey! Wanna grab coffee? I've got class in 30!
I'm working now. Sorry!
Some other time then!
Of course!
While you are working, you should put your phone away. Just putting your phone on vibrate is distracting to everyone else in the office.

Asking your friends to come hang out with you or leaving to hang out with them is not appropriate. You are there to work; not spend time with your friends.
This is something you want to avoid.
What about my music?
you are allowed to have music:
Use headphones if permitted.

No explicit content/swearing.

Play it quietly so only you can hear it.

Shut off your music if someone calls or approaches your workplace.
If you are allowed to use your laptop at work:
Be sure to remain attentive.
Social media should never come before your work responsibilities.
Keep work related issues off social media sites!
It is inappropriate to post any information about your office or your co-workers on ANY form of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc.)
Remember that nothing you post on the internet is private. Inappropriate postings on your social media sites may result in you looking for a new job.
How does this machine work?
Ask if you don’t know how to operate all of the office equipment. Fax machines, land line phones and paper shredders might be examples of equipment you have not used in the past.
This also applies to computer programs, websites, and software.
Help! I don't know where to
find that information!
Utilize online resources that will help you (academic calendar, your office’s/department’s website, staff directory, etc.)
Ask your supervisor if you have exhausted all other resources.
I'm still a bit confused...
It's my first day, now what?
Some key things to know:
Be helpful to people in which you interact in the workplace.
Be polite.
Stay engaged in your work.
Remember, the customer should always come first!
How should I answer the phone?
Great Example
Mediocre Example
Bad Example
If you are unsure how to answer a specific phone call, put the call on hold and ask someone how to address the situation.
How should I address people?
Be mindful that all customers are equal and always offer a warm welcome and greeting.

Ex. “Hello, how can I help you this morning?”
“Hello, how are you today?”
Body language:
Eye contact
If you are not sure what constitutes confidential information, then please ask your supervisor.

Many positions will have you sign a confidentiality form. Not adhering to their policy of confidentiality is a good way to find yourself looking for a new on-campus position.
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