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Costa's Questioning: Determining Levels

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Chandra Collins

on 17 March 2011

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Transcript of Costa's Questioning: Determining Levels

What are Costa's Levels of Questioning? Level 1: The lowest level- requires the gathering of information; can be found in the passage or selection; a "right there" question Level 2: the middle level- requires the processing of information; you will use clues/information in the text in addition to what's in your head (prior knowledge); similar to a "think and search" or an "author and me" Level 3: the highest level- requires one to apply the information; using prior knowledge and inferencing to determine the answer; similar to an "on my own" question Read the following questions and determine where each one would fit in Costa's Levels of Questioning. Number your paper from 1-15. 1. Which statement is true? 3. The author compares gladiators to what? 2. What do you think was one of the author's intentions for writing this selection? 4. According to this selection, what is the most likely way to preserve shark populations? 5. Which quote states a fact? 6. What is the main theme of the selection? 7. What do you think will happen to the main character at the end of the story? 8. People such as the author in this selcetion would most likely have which characteristics? 9. What inference can you make from the poet's description of the construction work in line 2? 10. What do the radio and the horn have in common? 11. Which emotion best describes the author's feelings towards his car? 12. In the first paragraph, who or what is the victim of the practical joke? 13. The construction worker's relationship to a hammer and a roof beam is most like which relationship below? 14. In paragraph 3, what statement does the author make about life? 15. In which line does the poet use a metaphor?
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