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Psycho Biography

No description

Jackie Smith

on 31 October 2013

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Transcript of Psycho Biography

photo credit Nasa / Goddard Space Flight Center / Reto Stöckli
Outline Of Presentation:
What is Personality?
What Is Personality?
Personality Theory:
Hans Eysenck
Trait Theory
Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon's life and experiences
Personality Theory
By Jackie Smith
Sheldon Cooper: Life
Sheldon Cooper: Characteristics
& Personality Traits
About Dr. Sheldon Cooper
To Conclude:

- Grew up in East Texas
- Started college at age 11
- Born in 1980
- Father passed away due
to weight issues
- Has a twin sister 'Missy' and
an older brother 'George Jr'
- Sheldon was raised according to his mother's Evangelical Christian beliefs
- Made to watch football by his father
Early Life.
Life Now.
- Was bullied a lot
- Senior theoretical particle physicist
at CalTech.
Sheldon's characteristics
"those characteristics of the person or of people generally that account for consistent patterns of behaviour"
(Pervin, 1989)
"the unique, relatively enduring
internal and external aspects of
a person's character that influences
behaviour in different situations"
(Schultz & Schultz, 1994)
"That organisation of unique behaviour equipment an individual has acquired under the special conditions of his development"
(Lundin, 1961)
- Shares an apartment with friend Leonard Hofstadter.
- Sheldon has a group of friends consisting of 7 people.
- Relatively happy
- Childlike
- Socially awkward
- Exceptionally intelligent
- Doesn't like sudden change
- Complicated
- Overly logical
- Perfectionist
- Inflexible
- Feels like he deserves special treatment.
Hans Eysenck
Trait Theory

What is His Theory?
Eysenck developed his trait theory, by identifying two dimensions of personality...
Dimension 1
Sheldon Cooper
Introversion- Extroversion
Extrovert Characteristics:
Introvert Characteristics:
Easy to approach
Enjoys Parties
Enjoys solitude
Dimension 2
Neuroticism- Emotional Stability
Neuroticism Characteristics:
Characteristics of an Emotional Stable Person
Tendency to worry
Easy Going
Prefers smaller groups
Social Context
'Digital Era'
"multitasking in the digital form through social media can leave today’s children socially incompetent."
( Developmental Psychology )
Social Context
- Currently has a girlfriend, Amy Farrah Fowler
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