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4th European Road Safety Day

Active Involvement of Youth in Road Safety

Floor Lieshout

on 23 June 2015

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Transcript of 4th European Road Safety Day

4th European Road Safety Day
Nicosia, Cyprus
25 July 2012
Floor Lieshout
Involvement of Youth
The role of youth
Safe vehicles
Safe infrastructure
Preventing and Forgiving
Safe road users
Safe footpaths, cycle-ways and crossing points, on streets with lower speed limits, particularly around schools and play areas.
Youth involvement
YOURS Contribution
Youth and Road Safety
Action Kit
Thank you!
YOURS - Youth for Road Safety
in Road Safety
What needs to be done for youth?
What can youth do themselves?
Access to vehicles with the latest safety features
Graduated Driving License
Speed / Drugs & Alcohol /
Seat-belts and Helmets
campaigns and
Youth are great Advocates
- Saying the right things
- At the right time
- To the right people
Youth as Role-models
- Lead by example
- (In)direct influence friends and family
- Trained and skilled Peer Educators
Peer - to - Peer Education
- Reaching out to young people
Same language / understanding
Training of Facilitators
Road Safety workshops
Global Youth Network
Sharing information and experiences
CORE Group
Coordinators of the Regions
Inspire Connect
and Unite
United Nation Road Safety Collaboration
Youth Declarations for Road Safety
European Region:
Axel Druart (RYD)
Questions to think about:
How could you involve youth in
your own road safety work?
What do you want to get out of this
European Road Safety Day?
Using the skills of youth:
High Energy
Communication Skills / Social Media
Power of Peer Education
Creativity and being innovative
More information:
Supported by
Final remark
"When you realize the magnitude of the road safety problem and you don´t know where to start, don´t be discouraged we have all been there. Pick up your Kit for a starting point and get involved. YOU can make a difference!".
What will you take home?
What are your next steps?
How can we help?
Youth and Road Safety Workshops
Action Kit
Interactive Learning
Peer education
Based on good practices
Youth empowerment
Objectives of the workshops:
Inspire and motivate young people
to become actively involved in
preventing road traffic injuries
Build their knowledge and develop
the skills they need to implement
their own road safety activities
Increase young people’s understanding
of the road safety crisis, particularly
youth issues
Youth friendly
Inform & inspire to take action
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