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The East Coast Network Way

No description

Chad Nash

on 9 September 2017

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Transcript of The East Coast Network Way

Roadblocks impede productivity and ultimately revenue!
Client is not sure what they're paying for!!
"Proactive" promises are reactive realities
Network metrics and management to predict trends/failures not being utilized.
Technology guidance and foresight seems to be lacking.
Problems can take days or even months to be resolved.
Centralized management of all IT related functions not in use.
Current challenges
Great people make great businesses. Don't let poorly managed technology be an albatross around their necks!
Network management expected out of non geeks.
Paying quite a bit of money to be less than satisfied.
Lack of network insight is costing the company time and money.
There appears to be a lack of processes driving IT
Driven and helpful folks without a plan eventuallygrow tired of their non responsibilities, and everyone, including the company suffers

Current challenges, East Coast Network perspective
We're not here to clean viruses and fix printers. We're here to help you dominate your industry.
Our highly consultative approach is why our clients love us. Our Virtual CIO process provides:

Emailed monthly reports showing the overall health of your network in an easy to read graph
Quarterly business reviews to ensure you're made aware of new advancements and opportunities to cut costs or increase productivity
Our vendor management program that takes the hassle out of dealing with any of your technology vendors
Service audits and pricing comparisons
Guidance on new and emerging technologies, and how to use them to your benefit
The East Coast Network Way - Face to Face is our Ace!
Technology Management is the way of the future. We are NOT these guys (see below)

To provide an affordable and efficient technology management system that allows our clients' businesses to run seamlessly.

Chad Nash - 2008
The East Coast Network Way
A new paradigm for technology management
Let our proven processes enable you to focus on your business, not dealing with technology
Each user/staff member is provided a full business technology experience consisting of:

A fully managed and maintained PC with dual monitors.
Standard add-on software like Adobe Reader, Microsoft Office, etc. All are deployed and kept up-to-date via automation.
Telephone and email support with remote assistance and on site support when necessary.
Anti-Virus and Anti-Malware protection.
Business Class Email and Spam Protection.
Patching and maintenance performed after hours to eliminate downtime.

The East Coast Network Way - computers and users
The East Coast Network Way - Servers, Security, Network
Your data is the most important aspect of your business. Trust our proven processes to ensure your infrastructure is always available.
Your network and data are critical to your success. Here's how we've changed the game for our clients:

Your servers are provided by East Coast Network
Your network devices are provided by East Coast Network
Your backups are performed every 4 hours
Your backups are replicated off-site to an off-site secure data center
Your backups are tested regularly to ensure they are reliable
All hardware is replaced every four to five years at no additional cost
The East Coast Network Way - Technology Management
24x7x365 monitoring ensures your most critical asset, your data, is always available
What's the secret to a reliable and stable business technology environment? Processes and intelligent automation.

Your Internet connection and network are monitored in real time for performance issues
Your PC's are monitored for over 200 events.
When an event is triggered, intelligent automation deploys a specified "Fix" for the issue
In the event the automation is unable to remediate the issue, an alert is generated to our team, who can login remotely to fix and document the issue
Business processes ensure new automation is created which ultimately provides an even better client experience
The East Coast Network Way - Capacity Driven Pricing
Business growing? Need to run "Lean" for a while? With our Capacity Driven Pricing, it's easy!
Capacity driven pricing means you pay for what you use.

Pricing is reviewed each quarter and adjusted for any changes.
Need to add people and/or scale up? You already know the exact costs for the employee's entire technology suite.
Seasonal business? Need to scale back? No problem! Call us, and we'll adjust your billing agreement accordingly.
"What will I ever have to pay for?"

Our entire suite of services is $150 month per user, with a 10 user minimum. The cost for our services at an average client is under $10.00/hr.
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