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Tweeting during WW1

No description

Allison Fitzhugh

on 4 March 2014

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Transcript of Tweeting during WW1

Tweeting during WW1
If twitter existed during WW1, what would Americans be tweeting about the war or what they were doing during the war?
German Americans
Tweet one- So I betray my homeland to support America and that is still not good enough for them :( #confused #merica
Tweet two- Sick and tired of getting persecuted for supporting people who are killing my beloved Germany!
Jewish Americans
Tweet one-
First there is no acceptance for Jew's in Germany, now it's the same for America. I thought this was the land for freedom #forevercursedbymyjewishheritage #whatisfreedom
I fight and give up my life for a country that is the reason for putting me down. #Thereisnohelp #thisworldiswacked #whosaidIcan'tbefree #watchme #takethehighroad #tagsforlikes
Tweet two-
Asian Americans
Tweet one-
I guess in America you have to die for citizenship #myluck #thistotesstinks #Ithoughtchinawastough #thismeanswar
Tweet two-
Lady liberty has higher expectations than the human soul can possibly be asked to accomplish. #missionimpossible #timeforawar #WW1
Hispanic Americans
Tweet one-
We are supposed to be brothers not enemy's #Americaisnobrother #nobro #help #hermajestyisnotsatisfied
Tweet two-
You think that after we refuse the Zimmerman Note America would show us some respect. #Norespect
Woman during WW1
Tweet one-
If I want to meet my husband at the train station when he gets home I have better get the move-on. #workingontherails #ww1problems #girlpower #wegotthisgirls #can'twaittoseemybabyagain
Tweet two-
doing my husbands job #workinginthefactory #missyababe #supportthetroops #helpthewareffort #heisdoingamuchbiggerjob
("those who disagree with and oppose an official policy.")
Tweet one-
I guess the Constitution is inactive when we are in the middle of a war #hypocrites #ww1probs #whathappenedtofreedomofspeech
Tweet two-
I now consider myself an innocent criminal. I also am reconsidering my feelings about America. :/ #innocentcriminalhere #noshame #Iwannaseeyoubebrave #standupforwhatyoubelievein
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