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Social Media 101


liz landry

on 25 September 2013

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Transcript of Social Media 101

Social Media 101
How to use it?
Who's on Social Networking?
.....over 1 billion on FB alone!
Where to Blog
KW Blog
Personal Website
Top Producer
What is a linkback?
A linkback is when you hyperlink a word, or a picture
in your blog back to your website.... or someone elses.
A link back is how a blog will result in closed business for you. Without linkbacks, you might as not even write!
Personal Pofiles
Fan Pages
Women age 55-65 is the FASTEST growing demographic on social media!!
Thats the number of videos on YouTube
......about Jacksonville FL
Community Fan Page
Be Informative
Be Personable
Be Real
Be Right
Be Helpful
Allow Fan Participation
Help Your Neighbors
Interact With Fans
Know Your Community
Be Stealthy
Be Active, Very Active
Think 80/20
Update Pictures Regularly
Blabber On
Promote Your Business
Forget To Post
Repost The Same Thing To Often
Blatantly Advertise
Forget About The Community
Stats on the foreclosure link: With 380 Fans
75+ Clickbacks on Day One ( 20% )
4-5 Leads ( 7% )
2 Appointments ( 28% )

What could you do with 1,000 Fans?
Helping Our Community
We helped find a dog that was lost for two days......

......... he was found in less then 30 minutes after we posted, by a FB Fan.
The better question is who's NOT on social media?
What to post......
Community Garage Sales
Community and Local Events
Housing Market Research
Lost Pets
Help Local Neighbors - post local business on your site
School Information/Websites
Photos of Community Events
Athletic Association Info/Games
Occasional Listings/Foreclosure Lists
Personal/Team Fan Pages
Extreme content control
Choose fan interaction level
Decide what fans see

What this does for you.... CONTROLS YOUR IMAGE!!
People can become fans instantly!

There is no "request" period
Think of your fanpage much like a drip campaign
Post business information - this page IS BUSINESS...... it needs to maintain a professional standard with valid, desirable content
Real estate news/info
Open Houses/Tour of Homes
Job Openings
Tools that consumers can use
IDX Links
Know Your Target Audience
Agents - Professional Contact
Customers - Direct Business
Can you balance both on one page?
Pages to Check Out for Both Types
Oakleaf Plantation - Orange Park, FL
Ben Kinney
Keller Williams Realty International
Top Producer
Group 46:10
Liz Landry-Real Estate and Technology Musings
Keller Williams Realty First Coast
Stationary Footer
Stationary Header
"Buttons" to link back to specific pages on your website
Well written valid content
The beauty of Twitter.... you have 140 characters to
state your point.... and so does everyone else.
What can you say in 140 characters?
RETomato - We got the map up of all the Virtual RE BarCamp Registrants! http://bit.ly/35WFh3 #vrebc Woo Hoo!
about 3 hours ago from web

mclaughlinchris - The tongue like a sharp knife... Kills without drawing blood-Buddha

shortsalekid - The Top Ten Most Fuel Efficient Cars of 2010--And the Worst Gas Guzzlers http://budurl.com/e2fh

kwri - What expenses have you cut since the market began to shift? Join in on the conversation here: http://bit.ly/2iFuRx

Liz_Landry - Austin TX baby!!! #kwmc http://twitpic.com/f9g42

bryonellington - Trying to focus on my 20%. Which may seem ironic since I'm twittering, but it is after hours!

Swanepoel - Flying JetBlue to NY. Onboard CNN reports that 32 new planets are discovered outside our solar system.
http://Budurl.com - Free for up to 250 URLS
Track where your traffic is coming from
Track your traffic, upload media files
Makes your url tiny!
Anyone can follow you. Much like a Facebook Fan page, you do not have to approve your followers.
Now looks like a fan page... but acts like a group
Positives +
You can email directly to a groups FB Inbox!! You know they will see your message.
Groups are structured, with interaction, and state who the administrator is.
Negatives -
No "drip" directly to group members.
Posts are not made by "the group" they are made by the members and show exactly who posted it
Photos are in a manner people arn't used to
So the next question is, how often should you blog?
Touches...What can you do with FB
How is this a touch?
How effective is this touch?
Having friends on your personal facebook page is the only way that you can truely have one on one touches. Unlike a Fan Page, where you drip to the masses; you can actually have very meaningful, and personal touches through your personal page!
Comment on a photo
Comment on a status
Post a useful business link to a wall
Send a private message to discuss more personal matters
Send a funny video to a friends wall
Ask a question
So, the two big questions to answer and understand are.....
How many touches can you make on FB and how quickly?


Why are they more effective?
Did you know...
Studies show that people are over 67% MORE likely to respond back to a touch on social media than in their email.
Pictures are Worth a Thousand Words
What does your thousand words say about YOU?
Strictly Business
Stuck Up
Keep in mind - its called SOCIAL NETWORKING
People want to see who you are. Show them your personality.
Stay on the "up and up" but be who you are.
What do you like to do? What are your hobbies? Put them in your main photo, and put up albums!!
Increasingly consumers want to talk to consumers. According to Socialnomics.net
only 14% of consumers trust advertisements, whereas 78% trust peer recommendations.
Did you know!
Facebook is the second most visited site on the web! Surpassed only by Google.
Think of it this way - Most internet providers only allow you to send a few hundred emails in a day. By using Social Media sites such as Facebook you can reach thousands of individuals instantly. Better yet, you won't get any bounce back emails.
- Again -
What is your motivation?
Rules of Engagement
Give More Than You Take - Respect - Listen - Respond - Build Relationships - Be Authentic and Transparent - Do Not Become a Nuisance - Collaborate - Consider Opportunities in the Long Tail - Add Value
Practical application for your business
What is your motivation?
Be the Mayor of your online community
This feature allows individuals to organize groups or communities around organizations, causes, neighborhoods. Groups have a great feature of allowing administrators to make the group "private" and only allow select members.
If Facebook is like a backyard BBQ, then you can look at Twitter as an afterwork Cocktail Party.
# hashtags - Hashtags are used as a way to group related tweets posted by different Twitter Users together in one group
RT- ReTweeting establishes validity of the tweeter, it is also a way of relationship building via Twitter.
If a picture is worth a thousand words, imagine what a video says.
What do you think that video would do for your "word of mouth"?
You tube has become the #2 search engine in the world...
in less than 5 years.
Your YouTube Channel
Your channel is a centralized place where anyone can see your public videos, favorites, comments, subscribers, video log, bulletin status and recent activity.
Customize your channel with a simple layout that sets you apart from the crowd.
-What to Post-
Video Testimonials - Property Listing Tours - Real Estate Reports - Community Events - Short Information Videos - Listing Presentations - etc
Try to keep it short. Although YouTube allows for up to 10 minutes of content per video, most consumers have a 3 - 4 minute attention span.
So, how do you build relationships via YouTube?
Although you can do minor relationship building on YouTube, it is more of a "one way street" with you speaking to the customer. If you enjoy a video, respond back with a video rather then a comment. Feature people in your videos that your customers may want to hear from (i.e. head of the HOA, an inspector, an appraiser, home builder, etc.). By doing this, you will cement yourself as the expert and consumers will follow your links on your YouTube page back to your website.
Formal, Business Atmosphere
LinkedIn is currently home to more than 45 million users in over 200 countries. With one person joining every second, 80% of companies now turn to LinkedIn as a primary source of hiring.
-Swanepoel Social Media Report 2010
Recommendations are all about building your credibility. LinkedIn gives you the ability to recommend someone, and even include a small statement about them. This feature is highly regarded, it can be a peer recommendation or a customer testimonial.
LinkedIn Must Do's
Build your online resume - this includes past job expertise, education, awards and designations
Recommend Others-This is one of the key ways that you build relationships on linkedin.
Answers- a very powerful feature that is both for you asking questions, and answering someone elses question. This also gives you the opportunity to be featured as a "best answer" by the person who posted the question
Note the exponential growth. What are the possibilities of this page in a year?
How are you going to use social media?
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