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The Yanomami

The Yanomami, a indigenous group that lives in Brazil and Venezuela.

Dilakshan Vijayapalan

on 16 April 2015

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Transcript of The Yanomami

Brought To You By: Abissha , Amanda , Dilakshan , Mustafa , and Nivetha
The Yanomami
Threats To Their Existence
-The Yanomami, tribe has done a good job of staying alive and safe.
-Unfortunately they still get threats from several areas.
-On August 8,2014 the Yanomami leader(Davi Kopenawa) was sent a message that said '' he would not be alive by the end of the year.
-I think that is very dangerous for him because that is his life at risk and he could potentially get killed
-Another example is that in the 1980s there was a lot of gold in the Yanomami. So they received threats that said that they would kill anyone to take the gold. That must of been a huge scare because that is there area so whatever is in their area should belong to them
- In 1992 medical staff were recruited to work along traditional Yanomami healers.
- The health initiative reduced the number of deaths.
- In 2004, the Brazilian government took it over by decree.
- Some communities saw fatal cerebral malaria increase.
-Writing a letter to the brazilian government expressing your concern about the tribes health, can help the Yanomami get their healthcare back.

What will happen to the Yanomami if their culture disappears?
What will the world lose if the Yanomami culture disapears?
Traditional Way Of Life
Is Anything Being Done To Help?
The Yanomami are an indigenous tribe made up of four subdivisons
-They are horticulturists who raise and care for plants
- They believe that the cosmos consists of four parallel layers. The upper most layer is empty. The second layer is the home of spirits of the dead. The third layer is the Earth and the fourth layer is the underworld.
- The culture is very important to the Yanomami. When they experience good harvests, they celebrate with a large feast including dancing and singing.
- A tradition of the Yanomami culture is endocannibalism. Endoncannibalism is a practice of eating the flesh of a human being from the same community. They practice this because it is a way to keep them survived.
The Yanomami tribe is native of the Brazillian-Venezuelan border.
The Yanomami live in large, circular, communal houses called yanos. There is a central area which is used for activities such as rituals, feasts and games.
Like most Amazonian tribes, tasks are divided between the sexes. Men hunt for game like peccary, tapir, deer and monkey. Women tame the gardens where they grow around 60 crops & collect nuts, shellfish and insect larvae.
The Yanomami express themselves artistically by singing and dancing. A song leader will sing the words of a song and the villagers would sing the leader’s words back while they all dance in a big circle.
- The yanomami people are good with nature and if the tribe disapears, the world will lose people that
What The World Will Lose If Culture Disapears?

-The world will lose.....
- The Yanomami are great communicators of nature and know how to preserve plants and animals.
- The Yanomami can also make medicine from the plants that the forests have to offer.
- The Yanomami people are particularly good at singing and dancing. They use dancing and singing to express themselves. The Yanomami can teach the world their dancing and singing because the dances and songs they sing and dance are very powerful and teaching the world the dances and songs will really help brighten up the world.

The Yanomami are an indigenous group. They are located in Brazil and Venezuela. We now take you on the journey of the Yanomami tribe!
Map of Yanomami
Map of The Yanomami Territory
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