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Copy of The Situation of Social Stratification in the Philippines

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shiela delostrico

on 12 September 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Situation of Social Stratification in the Philippines

The Situation of Social Stratification in the Philippines
5 Social Class- Classes ABCDE in the Philippines is the 2011 report published by polling firm Social Weather Stations (SWS) entitled "Family Income Distribution in the Philippines from 1985 to 2009"″.
• The Higher class has high personal income, inherited wealth and economic influence

• The Middle class are the small businessmen, teachers, merchants, traders with modest income

• The Lower class has earning low incomes with a little or no savings; some are unemployed.

Social Stratification affects the life chances. These are the chances to improve the lives of the lower class, because the upper class has more advantage to the resources that the society has.

It also affects the style of living of the people in the society. In fashion, the new trends and clothes of popular personality are in and what they are doing was imitated by the lower kind of person.
Social Mobility in the Social Stratification in the Society
Social mobility is the movement of one individual or a group from one social class into another or the process of changing one’s social class or status.
As we can notice the criteria that determine a person's social position are the color of skin, beauty, money and how influence they are in the community.
Family position and association to patron are useful to achieve success. Hundreds of wedding sponsors and baptisms each year are government officials, wealthy friends, and community leaders that they took advantage as their backer in their employment and in some other reasons.
Owning a vehicle is a clear statement of a high social level together with owning houses and furnishings.
In our economic situation today, sending one's children to the best schools is on the best indicators of social position and that "some best schools" are private schools that are quite expensive.

• Class A are earning around the average of 1,500,000 pesos above
• Class B are earning an average of 1,100,000 or closely
• Class C or the middle class are earning an average of 700,000 pesos or lesser
• Class D are earning an average of 162,000 pesos
• Class E the poorest class is earning 48,000 pesos

The Class AB are the Higher Class, the Class C are the Middle Class, and the Class DE are the Lower Class.

The availability of opportunities was took advantage by the lower class to have a better life.
The competition, like for example the election in which they said that it was the time wherein the poorest and the richest are equal, are also entered by the lower class in the society to get the chance to take over to the community and become one of those who are in the higher class.
And Education in which almost a lot of Filipinos think that this is the key to improve their lives which is right. Education is one of the most important factors that affect social mobility of a person in a society. If a person properly used his or her time to have good or excellent education, he or she may get better job opportunity that will rapidly increase his or her way of living or his or her social class.
Through social mobility, we may also adapt new lifestyles, we can have new friends, and we may also leave from former place of residents. But on the other hand, we may also get negative effects due to social mobility such as loosening family tights and old friends, pressure, lack of self-confidence, social separation, anxiety, varied emotional changes, and social and civilizing maladjustments (*failure to meet the demands of society).
The influence of government officials is more noticeable in the public today. Sometimes, in a simple traffic violation, they usually involved the name of their known politician to escape the punishment that they should face. In terms of wealth, they usually use money to do them a favor and to prioritize them.

In education, most of the time people don’t look on the knowledge that the person has, they usually look at the school or university where the person came from.

And in physical appearance, people having luminous skin, tall, and attractive are given more chances and advancement.
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