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Cody Streussnig

on 10 January 2014

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Transcript of Lawyers

Things needed/Types
Lawyers Daily Life
Work more than 40 hours a week.
Day to day depends on the degree they have.
Most days include: court appearances, client discussions, writing letters, briefs, and emails; researching, and analysis of cases.
Becomes a demanding job.
Turn it off at home
Virtual offices
Advancement Opportunities
Minority lawyers account for 3.4 percent.
Most lawyers start at law firms.
They become Junior Associate's.
Then become a Partner.
This gets them a share of the profits.
Attend a 4 year college
Receive a Bachelors degree
3 years of Law School
The Best Pre-Law schools: Allegheny college and Washington and Jefferson college.
Law schools: Pitt and Duquense
Nationally acclaimed : Harvard and Yale
A lawyer must have a license to practice law.
To receive a law license you must pass the Bar Exam.
Different Types of Lawyers: Public Defenders, Federal Prosecutors, Tax Lawyers, Contract Lawyers, Medical Malpractice Lawyers, and Military Lawyers.
Skills needed to be a lawyer includes: Be creative, responsible, have communication skill, honesty, and be disciplined.
Prosecutors: 29,000-150,000
Military: 26,000-45,000
Private: 65,000-175,000
Public Defenders: 29,000-126,000
Criminal: 45,000-175,000
Jonathan D. Glater's article- "Law Firms are slow in promoting Minority lawyers to Paternship"
Article- Dailybreeze
McDavid- 25,22,10,2,and 28
Richard Klimchock
McDavid- 11,25,22,10,2,and 28
Attorney's move to: receive higher pay, national or local prestige, and more responsibility.
Lawyers pursue careers such as: Law professors, Law librarians, Politicians, Corporate Executives, and judges.
The top goal
Work Cited
"Top 10 types of Lawyers you need to know."
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Career Opportunities in Law and the Legal Industry
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Harvard University
Pitt University
My Thoughts
Being a lawyer is a great job.
I have wanted to be a lawyer for a long time.
This project just confirmed this is what i want to do.
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