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Internet Safety


Max Forrest

on 8 November 2012

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Transcript of Internet Safety

The internet can be very
dangerous The internet can be a dangerous place The Internet can be a dangerous place By Max Forrest Enea Albertolli Hamzah Zaidi Max Forrest Joshua Eden By Internet Safety Subjects:
- computer addiction
-Social Networks
-Cyber bullying
-unreliable information
-Phishing Social Networks Viruses Phishing Avoiding Cyber Bullying Information on Internet Good: People can communicate with each other around the world. this includes friends and family. Good: Nothing positive comes to the victims through this. Bad: Your personal information (i.e credit card details. etc) are stolen from you. Don't add as friends on Facebook and Skype people you don't know. If YOU ignore the bullies, THEY will feel bad. Ask your parents for advice and help if you are bullied Good: You have access to the greatest source of information in the history of mankind Bad: The information there is, is often wrong Viruses are almost uncontrollable, they can steal destroy or change your information and computer. And be safe!!! Don't post any compromising photos of yourself on the Internet because once its there, no one can take it away. Bad: You are exposed, meaning people can access your private information Be Stealthy Thanks for Watching! Computer addiction Many people these days spend so much time on the computer that they forget the true essence of reality, through this fact people can ruin their lives. Avoiding these problems Cyber bullying:
Inform parents and teachers when any bullying happens.
Keep calm and ignore the bullies. Social networks:
Keep privacy settings to a level where private information is not visible to people you don't know.
Dont put important information on your wall i.e. telephone number, address. Phishing:
Do not believe anything that 'pops up' on a webpage you do not trust. Viruses:
Always have an anti-virus software installed i.e. AVG
'Pop ups' can contain viruses.
Do not download anything you don't trust. And don't forget to respect your parents
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