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Comparing the U.S. Constitution and Florida's state Constitution

What rights are Floridians granted by Article I of their Constitution that the U.S. Constitution fails to grant to all Americans?

marcanthony fanfan

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Comparing the U.S. Constitution and Florida's state Constitution

U.S. Constitution Most of the U.S. Constitution is general rights like being able to believe whatever religion you please, being able to possess a firearm for self-defense, women's suffrage, etc.

These are all general rights that all states in the U.S. use as a starting point for their own state constitutions. General Rights Florida's Constitution The Florida Constitution consists of more specific rights like its right to bear arms. It uses the standard set by the U.S. Constitution that everyone has the right to posses a firearm but specifies that that right may be regulated by law. Some other Florida-specific rights are Imprisonment for debt, Due process, and the list goes on...

Like most other states, Florida has the U.S. Constitution as a base line of general rights and branches off in more specific ways. Rights Specific to Florida Extended Rights U.S. Constitution
Florida Constitution On the U.S. Constitution it allows citizens the right to bear arms for self defense and recreational purposes. It states that this right will not be infringed. In the Florida Constitution this right is regulated by law. Our group sees this is an advantage that should be amended to the U.S. Constitution because it gives the Government more control over firearms and if the time came when that right had to be regulated it would already be written in the constitution. That way people would not freak out and over exaggerate about "Oh the government's taking away our rights!" when it would be clearly written that they can do that if it was necessary. Amendment to the Right to Bear Arms The End Presentation by: Julianne Landrian MarcAnthony Fanfan Shelby Mariano Jack Jennings
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