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Welcome to Middle School

No description

Monica W.

on 25 August 2017

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Transcript of Welcome to Middle School

Welcome to Harvest Park!
There are 3 counselors at Harvest Park:
How is Middle School Different from Elementary School?
Let's share ...
Let's talk about Extra-Curricular Activities
Let's brainstorm
Welcome to Middle School
Mrs. Wharton A-I
Mrs. Poynter J-M
Mrs. Simpson N-Z
What do
counselors do?
How do you get to see your counselor?
e-mail your counselor
permission from teacher
come in before/after school /lunch
fill out appointment form
How can you be a successful middle school student and pave your way to a successful future?
Let’s start with developing some good study habits NOW!
Use your organizer.
Check your teachers’ websites.
Complete and turn in all homework daily.
Plan ahead for long-term projects.
Be at school every day
Be on time
Be prepared

If you are absent:
check teachers’ websites for assignments
check with teachers about getting caught up
use study buddies
make your work up right away

Keep track of grades through online updates on Q Student Connect

Grading periods: 4 quarters,
2 semesters
GPA = Grade Point Average
Group counseling
Individual counseling
Who are the
Harvest Park Counselors

and what do we do?
Use your organizer daily
Use a personal organizational system (backpack, binder, notebook, folder)
Clean out your backpack weekly
Store returned assignments at home
Put school materials & backpack where you will find them in the morning
How to talk to your teacher

Know your teachers’ expectations.
If you are having a tough time, have the courage to get help.
Don’t be afraid to ask questions.
E-mail your teacher.

Set up an appointment to get additional help.
Honor Roll =
3.5 GPA or above

Principal’s List = 4.0 GPA
A grade point average (GPA) is a calculated average of the letter grades you earn in school following a 0 to 4.0 scale. Every semester, you'll receive a GPA based on the grades you earned in all of your classes during that semester.
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