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Reality Fair

Reality fair thingy for my job as a linguistic anthropologist.

Rileigh L

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Reality Fair

Reality Fair 2010 Linguistic Anthropologist Interest Survey Results
1. Information Technology
2. Finance
3. Science, Technology,
Engineering, and Mathematics Why I Chose This Career
- I like to learn about languages.
- I want to travel and see the world. Education/ Training
- Bachelor's degree
- research assistant
- Master's degree
- university and museum work
- Ph.D.
- best chance of getting
highest paying jobs Duties
- study languages
- how they've changed over time
- how cultures have been affected
by language
- how languages are connected Environment
- museum or university
- group work or independent
- travel for field work Average Salary
- $53,910/ year
- $4,492.50/ month Resources
- Bureau of Labor Statistics website
- Uni-mainz.de
- Environment.fhwa.dot.gov
- Cache3.asset-cache.net Job Outlook
- can work in museums,
universities, etc.
- professors, researchers, assistants, etc.
- Ph.D.s can get more advanced careers
- not many, so more openings than in other
careers Related Careers
- Psychologists
- Economists
- Museum Technicians Rileigh Luczak
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