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The PR2 : A Service Robot

Talks about the PR2 robot and what we use robots for.

D. Garcia

on 27 April 2013

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Transcript of The PR2 : A Service Robot

By: Diana Garcia and Anthony Tran A Service Robot The PR2 What task does the robot perform? Where is the robot used? and what flexible joints does it have? What sensors does the PR2 robot have? What jobs/careers can the
PR2 provide for employment? The PR2 can learn to read, play pool, fold clothes, and solve a rubiks cube.
The PR2 can also play chess.
It learns these tasks by downloading apps onto itself The PR2 will probably take people's jobs, but it creates jobs because as they get more popular, we need more people to help make them like factory workers to help with all of the shipping, ordering and assembly. The PR2 is used at a lot of universities to do research.
It is in a project called iRobot.
The total value of the PR2 Program robot is over $4.4 million
It is used in the: Georgia Institute of Technology, Stanford University, University of California at Berkeley, University of Tokyo, Jouhou System Kougaku (JSK) Laboratory. The gripper pressure sensor: Forearm camera: Manipulation stereo with texture projector, environment stereo and 5MP camera: The PR2 has a lot of sensors. It has a laser scanner, a gripper pressure sensor, and cameras on its eyes and arms to see where its going and what its grabbing. The pressure gripper sensors tell the robot if it is squeezing the item too much. The Pressure Gripper Sensors This helps the robot not break anything. Advantages: Disadvantages: The PR2 can take your job, like if you work at Walmart folding clothes they can do it faster and better. People can become engineers to help make the PR2 and think of better ways to improve it. Predict and explain how the PR2 may be altered to perform more or different tasks in the future (Good for the PR2;Bad for you) It will use up more electricity because you have to charge it. You can come up with many apps to put on the PR2 like walking the dog, folding your laundry and in the future maybe even driving. If there isn't an app for what you want on the PR2 you can e-mail the company and talk about it with them to see if your app could help others. You can always download new apps onto the PR2 to teach it new tasks like helping an elderly person to cleaning tables at a restaurant. You can control the PR2 from where you are, like at the couch and you don't have to stand up (only when you use the PS3 controller).
You can get jobs done faster and more efficiently (It can do it over and over and never get tired). What are some advantages and disadvantages of the PR2? How is the PR2 taught to perform it's task? The PR2 is taught to perform it's task by applications that are downloaded to perform the tasks that humans want it to do from the computer. The Pr2 has a lot of joints that are like human joints at the shoulder, hip, spine, base, head, elbows, and wrist. AND IS THE ROBOTIC EFFECTOR MULTI-FUNCTIONAL?
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