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4 Theories Of the Origin of a State

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Laura Spurlin

on 28 August 2013

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Transcript of 4 Theories Of the Origin of a State

4 Theories Of the Origin of a State
Force Theory!!
This theory suggests one person or a small group took control of a person took conrol of a population by force
Examples of Force Theory
1st example
When the first settlers came over here they took over the Native Americans and made them obey their laws.
-also known as the trail of tears.
2nd Example
When Adolf Hitler took over most of Europe and did a mass genocide of the Jewish people also known as the Holocaust.
This particular theory suggests that the state developed naturally out of the early family.
Examples of Evolutionary Theory!!
1st Example is the Native Americans. They didn't believe that you could own land they believed that their ancestors where there, therefore it was they belonged there
Divine Right Theory

This theory suggests that God created the state and gave those of royal birth the "divine right" to rule.
Examples of The Divine Right Theory
when the united states put the in God we strust on the license plates and currency, its showing that the government believes that we came from "God" .
Social Contract Theory
This theory clearly suggests that people aggreed to give up as much freedom as needed to create a state that provided safety and well-being for all.
Evolutionary Theory!!
Examples of Social Contract Theory
Our government now!!
The constitution in which our government uses to guide their law making while keeping our citizens rights in mind.
this is a picture of part of the american constitution.
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