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STEM Showcase Video Conferencing

No description

Brandon Zoras

on 5 December 2014

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Transcript of STEM Showcase Video Conferencing

Very Easy to Use!
- Computer, Webcam, Ethernet Cable
Teachers sign up at
Can search from
experts in
STEM Fields
Can call anyone who is online OR
Can be matched with an expert mentor

VROC - Virtual Researcher On Call
Dr Uehling -
Ontario Institute for Cancer Research
IB students speak to IB students in Brazil
Search for Experts Easy!
Video Conferencing
VROC and Skype in the Classroom
All Students

Inquiry & Problem-based Learning
Connecting learning in the school with the real world
STEM Skills
Collaboration, creativity, innovation
STEM Related Careers
Better informed citizenry

(from TDSB STEM Launch)
STEM Connection
Skype in the Classroom
Teacher creates a Skype account
Teacher then creates a profile
Can search matches around the world
Can be:
Class to Class
Class to Expert
Class to Another Teacher
Class to Company
Environmental Discussion with Kenya
Brandon Zoras
- Monarch Park C.I.


Stacey Joyce
- Virtual Researcher On Call

Thank you!
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