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Andre Restrepo

on 7 November 2011

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Transcript of Pelé

Brand and the legend became a in 1950, when Brazil lost the Final of the Soccer World Cup inside its own country... a boy made a promisse to his father, that when he grew up, he would bring the World Cup to Brazil he did that, and much more The man that turned the most popular game of the world,
in to the “Beautifull Game”. 3 times World Cup champion with the Brazilian Football team 2 times World Club Champion for Santos FC All time top football scorer of the world, with 1283 goals Nominee the Player of the Century by FIFA and Athlete of the Century by COI Granted the title of Citizen of the World by the United Nations One of the three most recognized faces of the planet the man... became a Tarciso burnigch, italian defender in the final of 1970
I thought: he is made of flesh and bones like me. I was wrong. Robert Redford Wow, man, you're popular! How do you spell Pelé? G-O-D. The sunday times, London He made the transition from superstar to mythic figure. Henry Kissinger Pelé remains larger than life Los Angeles Times
I have always been his fan.
Now i admire him even more. Bono Vox You are a real king. Queen Elizabeth II Pelé will never die. Edson Arantes do Nascimento Brand
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