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History Of IKEA

No description

Emmanuel Hartounian

on 24 May 2011

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Transcript of History Of IKEA

IKEA History of IKEA 1943 IKEA is founded by
Ingvar Kamprad 1945 The first IKEA advertisements appears 1948 Furniture is introduced
into the IKEA range 1951 The first IKEA catalog
is published 1953 Furniture showroom opens
in Älmhult, Sweden 1956 Designing furniture for flat
packs and self-assembly 1958 The first IKEA store opens in Sweden 1959 The 100th co-worker
joins IKEA 1960 The first restaurant opens
in IKEA 1961 Product testing begins 1963 IKEA opens in
Norway Largest IKEA store opens in
Stockholm, Sweden 1965 Particleboard arrives at IKEA 1968 IKEA arrives in Denmark 1969 IKEA arrives in Switzerland 1973 Denim used for furniture 1975 IKEA opens in Germany and Austraila 1976 IKEA arrives in Canada 1977 IKEA arrives in
Austria IKEA arrives in the Netherlands 1979 IKEA arrives in France 1981 1984 IKEA FAMILY is launched IKEA arrives in Belgium IKEA catalog numbers increase 1985 First IKEA opens in USA IKEA has 10,000 co-workers
and 60 stores 1986 New president and CEO 1987 IKEA arrives in the UK 1989 IKEA opens in Italy The first environmental policy at IKEA 1990 1991 IKEA arrives in Hungary IKEA arrives in the Czech Republic and Poland Swedwood – the industrial group of IKEA 1993 IKEA and Forest Stewardship
Council (FSC) 1996 IKEA arrives in Spain 1997 IKEA on the web IKEA 365+ 1998 IKEA arrives in China 1999 IKEA grows to 50,000 co-workers
and has 158 stores in 29 countries A new President and CEO 2000 IKEA arrives in Russia Code of conduct is launched Child rights project in India 2004 IKEA arrives in Portugal The 200th IKEA store opens 2006 IKEA arrives in Japan IKEA has 100,000 co-workers
and operates in 44 countries IKEA Food is launched FUN FACT The name IKEA is formed from
the founder's initials (I.K.)
the first letters of Elmtaryd (E)
Agunnaryd (A), the farm and village where he grew up Top 5 IKEA Products 5. Vallo Watering Can 4. Malm Double Bed 3. Bastis Door Hook 2. Lampan Lamp 1. Mini Daim Bars IKEA's Competitors Target
Furniture Stores
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