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Note Taking

No description

Donna Saxby

on 3 October 2013

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Transcript of Note Taking

Question or Idea
Question or Idea
Question or Idea
Making Notes
Different ways of notetaking

Focus on thinking
Not copying
Giving credit
Step 1
Look at your question(s)

What do you know already?

What do you need to find out?
Step 2
Read the information

Don't write anything yet

Think about the main ideas
Step 3
Look at your questions again

Read the information again

Write down the keywords
(not whole sentences)

Remember: If you can't answer
all your questions try finding another source
Step 4
Write down quotes (use " ") and names, carefully

Keep a note of where you get your info from (Easybib)

Now you're ready to...
Write your answers
(in the way your teacher has asked for)
Think about what you've found out

Is there anything you couldn't find out

Or any new questions you have?
(use the one that suits you)
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