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Habits of happiness TED talk

A TED talk by Matthieu Ricard inspired Prezi and IDEAS MATTER entry

Pascal van Steen

on 25 February 2013

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Transcript of Habits of happiness TED talk

The habits of happiness habits "Do not impose on us, the dirty works of happiness." Matthieu is a French former molecular biologist who decided to find his happiness in meditation. French intellectuals however, were not so fond of the idea of happiness. Matthieu Ricard But how does one define happiness? ? Despite what the French intellectuals say, no one wakes up in the morning, thinking: "May I suffer the whole day?" Whatever we hope, Whatever we do, Whatever we dream, is somehow related to a deep profound desire for happiness. Around the world, there are big varieties in the definition of happiness. "All the great thinkers left happiness in the vague so that everyone could define it on his own terms." Now this would be fine if happiness was only a secondary preoccupation in life... But if it's something that determines the quality of every instant of our lives, we better know what it is. The most common confusion about happiness is with pleasure. Pleasure has a changing nature. Imagine having cake. The first slice is delicious! The second one, not so much. And then you feel disgust. Happiness is such a vague word, we should define it as 'well being' A big sense of serenity and fulfillment. A state that underlies all emotional states. Well being Look at it like waves on the sea. When you are on top of the wave, you are elated. But at the bottom of the wave, there is nothing but solid rock. There is no depth. However, when we look at the high sea, there could be calm weather or a storm, but the depth is still there, unchanged. Well being is like the deep sea. People often say they need to have everything to be happy. have "You can have a high-tech apartment on the 100th floor,
but as long as you are deeply unhappy from within,
all you are going to do, is look for a window to jump from."
-Dalai Lama We should not try and find well being on the outside, in materialism. We should have a look at the inside, since our mind translates everything from the outside world into emotion. That very sentence in itself is the doom of happiness. You only experience elation and depression. AAAAAAAH! Prezi made by Pascal van Steen
Based on Matthieu Ricard's TED talk 'Habits of happiness' This leads us to think that:
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