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day 4 first year

No description

Alison Brink

on 15 September 2016

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Transcript of day 4 first year

In your notebook:
Hoy es lunes
el doce de septiembre

la meta
Learn how you will be graded on memorized dialogue on FRIDAY

Feel increasingly comfortable with the conversation

Respond to commands in Spanish

Learn about the Spanish alphabet
1. Greet each other
2. Find out each other's name
Say "nice to meet you/likewise"
3. Find out how your partner is doing
4. Find out where your partner is from
5. Find out how old you each are
6. Say good-bye (
) or another expression that you might know
And the last question... Add to your notes:
¿Cuántos años tienes?
How old are you?
Yo tengo _____#__ años.
I am _#___ years old
11 once
12 doce
13 trece 17 diecisiete
14 catorce 18 dieciocho
15 quince 19 diecinueve
16 dieciseis 20 veinte
A escribir: on a piece of loose-leaf paper to turn in, write both parts of this conversation in Spanish. Use your notes.

Student A) Hello

Student B) Hello
A) What is your name?
B) My name is __________. What is your name?
A) My name is __________.
B. How are you doing?
A) I'm __________. How are you doing?
B) I'm __________. Where are you from?
A) I'm from __________. Where are you from?
B) I'm from __________. How old are you?
A) I'm _______ years old. How old are you?
B) I'm ________ years old. Good-bye.

A) Good-bye.

On your loose-leaf paper, write the English translation of each phrase.

1. levanta el lápiz 8. brinca despacio

2. mira el papel 9. corre rápido

3. cierra el cuaderno 10. se levanta

4. para 11. se sienta

5. abre el cuaderno 12. camina

6. abre 13. grita

7. toca la nariz 14. señala la computadora

15. habla despacio
El abecedario (the Spanish alphabet)
A = "ah"

E = "ey"

I = "ee"

O = "oh"

U = "oo"
Copy into your notes:
Take turns pronouncing these sounds using Spanish vowels.

1. 2. 3. 4.
ma fe si bo

me fi su bi

mi fu so bu

mo fo sa ba

mu fa se be
Dialogue: This Friday
On Friday you will present this
dialogue to the teacher MEMORIZED
Estoy pensando en un número.....entre 1 y 20
(Yo tengo quince años)
(I am 15 y.o.)

habla- talks or speaks
come- eats
corre- runs
brinca- jumps
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