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"Ruined" by: Paula Morris

This presentation is created by: Serena Arduini

Serena Arduini

on 20 August 2013

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Transcript of "Ruined" by: Paula Morris

"Ruined" by: Paula Morris
This presentation is created by: Serena Arduini
Rebecca Brown

is begging her father not to go on his planned trip to China simply because she doesn't want to stay with her wacky cousins in New Orleans.
Rebecca feels like an outcast at her new school, Temple Mead.
Lisette Villieux is Rebecca's only ghost friend that haunts the local Lafayette Cemetary.
Yellow fever was the main cause of death during the eighteen hundreds leaving thousands of lost souls to haunt New Orleans.
"Krewes", or legacies of families that date way back only to help organize balls and parades for Mardi Gras, were known for looking down on less wealthier people at Temple Mead.
Helena Bowman and Rebecca Brown despise each other's existence.
The Septimus parade is the most intriguing topic to discuss at Temple Mead.
Aunt Claudia and her daughter Aurelia put all their effort in keeping Rebecca safe from any danger.
Anton Grey is a mystery to Rebecca's trust.
Through Rebecca's friendship with Lisette, she is introduced to the secrets of New Orleans past and has opened the unkown chapters into her future.
The Garden District of New Orleans is filled with voodoo.
Almost every event in Rebecca's life relates back to her deceased mother.
In result of Lisette's death,Rose Villieux, Lisette's mother, set a curse on the Bowman family's daughters to never reach their seventeenth birthday since Lisette had gotten murdered near the eve of hers.
Paula Morris is classified as being a short story writer, or a novelist. She was born in New Zealand and originally began her career in the record business in New York and London. After living in New Orleans for six years, she was taught how to utilize creative writing at Tulane University. She now resides in Glascow, Scotland and is currently a teacher at Stirling University.
Author's Information
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Other books Paula has written:
Paula Morris
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Hibiscus Coast
Queen of beauty
Trendy But Casual
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Author's website:
Me: Hello Paula, Thank you for letting me interview you.
Author Interview
Paula: No problem!
Me: What made you choose New Orleans as the setting for your novel "Ruined"?
Paula: After living in New Orleans for quite some time, I realized the eerie state was a perfect setting for a ghostly tale. Since Mardi Gras is a big part here, I figured it would be the icing on the cake to include in my novel!
Me: What gave you the inspiration to come up with the characters in this book?
Paula: It was after Hurricane Katrina that I started to picture the characters well in my head, I was getting my tarot cards read in the quarter when I came up with Aunt Claudia.
Me: What made you create the plot twist of Rebecca being a Bowman instead of a Brown?
Paula: I felt like it would be a different turn in the book. If I didn't include it, the readers would know right away Helena would be the seventh daughter to die in the the Bowman family.
Me: Thank you for your time!
Paula: My pleasure!
My Recommendation
The first thing I noticed while reading "Ruined" by: Paula Morris, was the amount of suspencion it contained. Once you start viewing problems from every characters perspective, you are completely focused on trying to guess what comes next. The author has this type of emotion in her writing that persuades you to feel like you would know the answer to the conclusion, but at the same time you don't. Everything In this book completely took me by surprise. It's exactly like when you think you know the right answer, but the actual answer is the complete opposite. You wouldn't believe it at first, but there is a logical reason for it. I think young adults would understand and enjoy this book more than any other age group because of the events they can relate to. In the story, Rebecca doesn't want to leave home because she knows she will get homesick and miss her father. I feel teenagers would be the appropriate age group to be missing their rooms, computers, and their daily schedule at home. The characters in this book also go through this phase where the girls of Temple Mead melt over the thought of having Anton Grey, this tall and mysterious boy, as their boyfriend.
"Friends." Friends. N.p., n.d. Web. 27 Aug. 2012. <http://www.co.bibb.ga.us/library/friends.htm>.
There was actually one point in the book where I felt terrified for Helena's character. Anton and Rebecca were sitting outside of the annual Bowman's Christmas party when all of a sudden Helena screams and panics about seeing an evil ghost. (Which was Lisette) The author made the writing so descriptive I pictured it so perfectly almost like I was sitting there with them.
"The person standing over her wasn't Anton or any other guy. It was a black girl, about her age, looking down at Rebecca with curious interest. Her hair was long, hanging to one side in a loose braid. Her white blouse was ripped at one shoulder, and she was fingering her dark skirt, twitching it back and forth as though she was shooing flies."
pg. 54
My Favorite Paragraph
The author's descriptive language makes this my favorite paragraph. Not only is this my favorite paragraph because of the description, this is the first encounter Rebecca has with Lisette in the cemetery. I feel like this is where the story kicked off. Before seeing Lisette, Rebecca was sitting behind a tomb spying on the girls that go to her school, and the boys that go to St Simeons. When they hear a noise, they realize they're not alone in the cemetery. At this point Rebecca is trying to race to the gate to escape before Anton could reach it. She trips, looks up, and see's this illuminating figure of a girl. At first, Rebecca thinks this girl has been sleeping in the cemetery since hurricane Katrina struck, but she is wrong. As she befriends this girl, she is opening new answers for herself. They have a strong relationship in which they trust each other.
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