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Erin Costa

No description

Kathy Whitehurst

on 2 February 2018

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Transcript of Erin Costa

I've always wondered why the price of a ticket to the movies is so expensive. I have noticed whenever I go to the movies the prices are different than when I rent one at home. Why is that?I've wondered what the prices were like in the 1950's or will be in the future. Did you know you used to be able to get a movie ticket for less than a dollar?!
As you may know, prices tend to go up as time goes on. Not including 3D or special effects, the average price for movie tickets right now is $8.12. In the 1950's you only had to pay 69 cents. And since prices go up, George Lucas, the man who made Star Wars said that someday, ticket prices might range from $50 to $150.
Sometimes if the movie crew doesn't want to, or can't afford to get a set, they can use a green screen to save money.
Before computers...
I really hope you enjoyed my presentation and learned some new things about animation and movie costs. For more information I would suggest going to...
There are many reasons some movies cost so much. Some are due to animation, production, special effects, and the experience (snacks and drinks).
Some animators think that since prices go up as time changes, most likely, the price for making movies will go up. Right now, it takes about $300,000,000 to make the average movie, so who knows how much it will change years from now?
Why do movies cost so much?
Genius Hour by Erin Costa
A Green screen is a screen that
Is put behind the
actors. When a
picture is produced
onto the screen, the
actors appear to be in
that place. the movie makers save money, but the prices stay the same for us.
Before computers were made, how were movies even made? Well, they used things similar to flip books.
what are flip books?
If you don't know what flip books are, it's simple. You have multiple pieces of paper, and you draw something slightly different on each one.
When you flip the pages quickly, the things on the pages appear to be moving, like this...
Where do animators see animation
in the future?
Earlier I talked about expenses and one of
them was production. Well what is that?
When someone decides that they want to make
a movie, there are SO many people involved that need to be paid, such as actors, producers,
choreographers, cameramen, extras, chefs, etc.
All of these people need to be paid, so a lot of money goes into that.
the experience
The second you walk into a movie theater, all you smell is the popcorn, right? And then there are the drinks and the candy, and they're all so tempting!
Some people think that if movie theaters lower the prices of popcorn more people would buy it. Wouldn't movie theaters make more money if they lowered the price of snacks because many more people would purchase it for $3 or $4 instead of $7 or $8?

So even though so many people buy popcorn,
some people think that more customers will buy more snacks if the movie theaters lower the prices.

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